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Philadelphia Eagles Offseason Summary

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Photo by Eric Hartline, USA Today Sports

Written by Cody Shackelford

Well, Eagle fans after taking sometime to recover from what I would consider a disaster of a draft class, I’m finally coming around on this year's roster. The Eagles have a solid offense from top to bottom with great depth at almost every position, paired with a sneaky good defense especially up front. We are the favorites to win the division this year. Not to mention the great news of a fully cleared Carson Wentz who will be participating in all offseason workouts this year and he shouldn’t be nearly as rusty as last year. Plus the signing of Carson through 2024 takes the pressure off of him even more.

Now the real key to the season is if the Eagles can make it to the final 5 weeks with a winning record. Philly has competitive games for the first 11 weeks, but towards the end of the season should be a cake walk. Besides Carson Wentz being completely healthy, so is Alshon Jeffery, who missed all of training camp. The addition of DeSean Jackson and the tight end duo of Ertz and Goedert, Wentz has a plethora of weapons to get the job done this year and can get back that MVP status he had two seasons ago. Miles Sanders is should be a big part of the run game and I would look at Jordan Howard to take on a role similar to LeGarrette Blount during the Super Bowl year. Howard will be the goaline and short yard situation monster by getting the rough yards up the gut, plus scoring in those must need goal to go situations.

As far as defense goes, the Eagles have a great front four on the defensive line as long as the secondary not only does their job but also stays healthy. If they do then Philadelphia can definitely punch the ticket to the playoffs. I'm not sure why they took all offensive players in the draft until the later rounds of best defensive draft in history. But if the secondary can stay healthy then I have no problem quoting that they will be a top 5 defense this year.

There is a ton of upside for the Eagles this year considering the rest of the division. I believe they can win the division based on offense alone, but the saying still remains that defense wins championships. If they are going to bring another title home to Philly then it's going to ride on the Eagles being a top tier defense this year.


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