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Philadelphia Eagles trade WR Jalen Reagor to the Minnesota Vikings

Image Credit: (Bill Streicher/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick Linkedin:

Twitter: @nicholasmullick

It has been a crazy few days for the NFL where teams are trying to get to the 53 man roster limit. With the final cut list being revealed for every team there are a ton of transactions that will be made via waiver claims or trades. Sometimes a team has depth at that position and others don’t have it thus resulting in a trade being made. A move can also be made if teams also want to bolster the team before the season begins. Teams also want to try to get some value for a player that is either not in their future plans, or is not developing as planned. Which is a big reason why this trade was made between the Philadelphia Eagles and Minnesota Vikings involving WR Jalen Reagor. The details of the trade are shown down below.

Trade Details

Minnesota Vikings Acquire: WR Jalen Reagor Philadelphia Eagles Acquire: 2023 7th Round Pick and a conditional 2024 4th Round Pick

Conditions of the 2024 4th Round Pick

The pick could potentially turn into a 2024 5th round pick depending on Reagor’s statistics during the 2022 NFL Season. No word yet on what the statistics are for the pick to be downgraded to a 5th round pick.

Minnesota Vikings Side

The Vikings are a very intriguing team this season, especially on offense, but they needed to get another wide receiver on this team. Excluding Justin Jefferson, Adam Thielan, and maybe K.J. Osborn the Vikings did not have much at wide receiver. Watching the Vikings preseason game, none really impressed me overall and it is a big need that the Vikings had to fill. Especially when Bisi Johnson suffered a Torn ACL during the preseason that will take him out the entire season. Reagor's value was at a low and if he can develop to the promise he one had, then the Vikings may really have something here. But trading a mid round pick for Reagor is kind of an overpayment though. With all his struggles with the Eagles the Vikings could have easily traded one pick or wait for him to be cut.

Philadelphia Eagles Side

There are a lot of people who are not fans of Eagles GM Howie Roseman for his questionable moves. I am not one of these people for two reasons. First is that he built a team that won a Superbowl and not many GM’s have that to their resumes. Second is that a lot of his moves have so far panned out and he has made some genius moves like the Chauncey “C.J.’’ Gardner Johnson trade (I will grade this trade in a future article). But we can all agree that the Jalen Reagor selection is probably the worst move Howie Roseman has made as the Eagles GM. There is a reason why I kept saying “what was Howie Roseman thinking when he decided to draft Jalen Reagor over Justin Jefferson’’. Heck the Vikings organization at the time was openly laughing once the Eagles made their pick. It was clear that the Eagles made a tremendous mistake as Reagor struggled a lot, especially with drops. I was shocked Reagor was not cut during final cut day as, It was clear once the Eagles traded for AJ Brown, drafted Devonta Smith in 2021, and Quez Watkins emergence that Reagor’s time was done. It's better to get something for him than nothing, but honestly the Eagles got a lot more value then they should have and props again to Howie Roseman. Say what you want, the guy is a genius as the general manager of the Eagles.

Grades for Jalen Reagor

Minnesota Vikings: B Philadelphia Eagles: A+

I got to give the higher grade to the Philadelphia Eagles. They got 2 draft picks for a player that clearly was not developing well. It's better to get something now, then lose him for nothing. Like I said earlier, I was shocked the Philadelphia Eagles did not cut him during final cut day. Which shows me that the negotiations for a trade were clearly being worked on during the final cut day. The Vikings don’t lose either as they get a young receiver who could fit their offense better. Plus it is another target for QB Kirk Cousins to throw too. Overall great move by both Eagles GM Howie Roseman and Vikings GM Kwesi Adofo-Mensah.

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