Players To Avoid in Your Rookie Drafts

Photo by Rob Schumacher, The Republic

Written by Jordan Stiers

Every year a team makes some head scratching choices in rookie drafts for your dynasty leagues. Whether they overvalue a position or they undervalue the opportunity some players find themselves in, it seems someone is always drafting duds. We are going to take a look at some players that I am going to avoid, and you should too. Or at least avoid them at their current ADP. I was surprised as I made this list because of a lot of the players I actually really liked leading into the NFL draft. They just found themselves in a bad situation after the NFL draft. Get your sharpie and your big board, let’s start moving some players down.

AJ Brown: As a standalone player, I am a huge fan of Aj Brown. He is a smart player and an exceptional athlete. In fact, leading into the NFL draft, he was my number one wideout. His touchdown numbers in college weren’t too impressive, only eclipsing 10 TDs in 2017. He did an average over 1200 yards and over 15 yards per catch in his final two seasons. He has above average separation at the line of scrimmage combined with the strong hands needed to be a reliable threat on underneath routes. He also has the ability to win 50/50 balls using his strength and concentration. He isn’t Mossing guys every week, but when his name is called he is effective. So where are the negatives?? I call it the Mariota effect. Mariota is an absolute dumpster fire for a QB. He will continue to weaken every player with talent on that offense until he is gone. If you don’t think so, see Cory Davis. Usually, I wouldn’t mind a bad QB, you just ride it out until the QB is gone. Unfortunately, Tennessee seems dead set on Mariota.

Devin Singletary: Devin Singletary is another player that I liked leading up to the draft. He didn’t blow anyone anyway at the combine, but he was an animal with the ball in his hands in college. In fact, he was second in the nation in forced missed tackles. He shattered every school record there was and should have been in consideration for the Heisman trophy. He finished his Career at FAU with 4684 scrimmage yards and 67 touchdowns. With 55 of those TDS coming in 2017 and 2018. Unfortunately, he was drafted by the Bills. The Bills signed Frank Gore and TJ Yeldon this off-season. Adding Singletary to this backfield with Shady, Gore, and Yeldon (not to mention Josh Allen’s running ability as a QB) really clouds Singletary’s future. The odds he gets a true opportunity to showcase his talents is slim. By the time these older running backs have moved on, the 2020 class will be ready to take the NFL by storm. That may leave Singletary as an afterthought in Buffalo.

Bryce Love: I was actually a big Bryce Love fan when he played in college. He had 2,118 rush yards, 19 TDS and averaged over 8 yards a carry as a Junior. A truly dominant collegiate year. If he entered the draft after that season, he may already be starting on an NFL squad. Unfortunately, he didn’t, he went back for his senior year and ended up tearing his ACL right as the season came to a close. Now he has to battle his way to full health, and the top of the depth chart in Washington. Unfortunately, the Washington Redskins backfield is an absolute headache. They have veteran thumpers (Adrian Peterson), receiving backs (Chris Thompson), and a true 3 down back in Derrius Guice. Not to mention a former dynasty dud in Samaje Perine. Out of everyone listed, Guice has to be your favorite to break away from the pack. Although, not a single person on the depth chart instills confidence in their health. Even Love himself is coming off an injury. At the end of the day, it’s a very crowded backfield with multiple guys that have roles. If anyone emerges as a true 3 down RB in Washington I’m rolling with Guice, not Love.

Cardinals Rookie Wideouts: Which one? All of them. At least.. for now. The Arizona Cardinals took three wideouts this year. All three have plenty of potential. I personally am a huge Hakeem Butler fan, dude is poised to be a YAC king. Andy Isabella looks like he was made in a slot receiver factory (I know he has the outside ability as well), and Keesean Johnson has elite route-running ability paired with sure catch hands. I, in fact, love all three guys drafted. Hell, I even like Christian Kirk who they drafted last year. I also love that all four will be learning from a future Hall of Famer in Larry Fitzgerald. The problem is really that I like all of them too much. I don’t see any of them truly separating themselves from the pack because the pack is so good. Especially with Fitzgerald looking like he may never retire. If this group of players has one player emerge, that guy is most likely gonna be a stud. Unfortunately, it’s currently one of the toughest position battles in the NFL. The offense is gonna spread the ball around too much in those 5 wide sets to create a stud in fantasy. My guess is if someone emerges from the group early, it’s Isabella. If it’s a year or two from now, my money is on Hakeem Butler.

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