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QB — Kyle Lauletta 6.21

Scout- Ryan Goudy

College: Richmond

Height: 6'3

Weight: 215

40-Time: 4.81

Hand: 9 3/4"

Wonderlic: N/A


Q.A.B. 6.50 Good balance, tough to bring down, good quickness

Flexibility 6.00 Good ability to bend for yardage, also to create throwing lanes on the move.

C.O.D. 5.75 Above average with the ball in his hands, changes direction well

Explosiveness/Speed 6.00 Not going to out run people, but has enough speed to roll out well

Pocket Mobility/Avoid Pressure: 5.75 Moves around in the pocket, and fleas at appropriate times

Passing Skills

Quick Release/Mechanics 6.50 Good tight release, no major flaws

Delivery 6.50 Throws a tight spiral, especially on the move

Short Accuracy 7.00 Good on quick hitch, placement could be better on screens

Intermediate Accuracy 6.25 Better at these routes, start to see him miss high.

Deep Accuracy 5.00 Mechanics falter when he goes deep, throws more of a lob then a ball with juice

Big Play Ability 6.00 Scrambles to create the big plays, good at extending

Avoid Errors/Mistakes 5.75 Int last year, misses high

Arm Strength 5.00 Has enough zip for short to intermediate, not alot of deep arm

Footwork 6.00 Good feet on the move, and when he has time. Foot work bad when he starts to think of pressure


Toughness 6.50 Took a lot of shots, didn’t miss time

Intangibles/Leadership 7.50 Leader, Alpha of the team, 2 time captain

Poise in Pocket 5.75 Dances when thinks there is pressure

Consistency/Motor 6.75 Numbers stayed pretty true every game, and great motor

Production 6.75 3,737 yards, 28 TD’s, 12 INT, 4 Rushing TDs, 25 Straight Starts

Improvisational Ability 7.00 When he gets out of the pocket he can make things happen, either with feet or arm


Instincts 5.00 Percieves pressure that isnt their

Blitz/Coverage Recognition 6.50 Picks up blitzes and isnt fooled by coverege, lets routes develop

Decision Making 6.50 Mistake he makes aren’t based on decision making, problem is more on tools

Learn/Retain 6.50 3 Year starter, understood his offense, operated under center, pistol, and gun.


Kyle does a good job of creating plays. He is at his best when he is rolling out, and able to use his feet to create throwing lanes. This is also often when he is able to stay the cleanest. He is an above average athlete and isnt afraid to tuck and run. He throws a nice back shoulder, and can operate a quick west coast system


Lauletta doesn’t have the strongest arm, which can get him into trouble. When he goes deep its more of a launch motion that a smooth stroke. Ball tends to hang in the air which leads to turnovers. He occasionally will feel pressure that isn’t there and will look to bail out of the pocket.

Big Picture

Lauletta had a great Senior Bowl week. It put him more into the eyes of scouts and proved that he could fit in with higher level talent. Lauletta is a solid athlete and is able to create plays out of nothing. He also is tougher to bring down than one would think. He is a true alpha, and teammates love him as a leader. Lauletta was a 2 year captain and started 25 games straight. Arm strength will be a problem, and he will have to learn how to throw with more anticipation. Lauletta is an interesting developmental QB, who has some nice traits. Could work his way into late day 2, early day 3 consideration.



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