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QB — Mason Rudolph 6.49

Scout- Rusty Miller

College: Oklahoma State

Height: 6'5

Weight: 230

40-Time: TBD

Hand: 9 1/8”

Wonderlic: N/A


Q.A.B. 5.60 Rudolph is not that athletic. He doesn’t move around in the pocket a lot and rarely takes off to run. When he does run he is slow and does not gain a lot of yardage. More effective at rushing near the goal line.

Flexibility 5.00 Average flexibility. Has the ability to bend and avoid defenders with his body flexion while in the pocket.

C.O.D. 6.00 Decent change of direction. Moves in the pocket well but when running, he doesn’t make a lot of moves to avoid defenders.

Explosiveness/Speed 3.80 Very slow. Is not an explosive runner and will not beat defenders with his speed.

Pocket Mobility/Avoid Pressure: 6.60 Very good mover in the pocket. Is great at avoiding pressure but also has the tendency to take sacks and throw into coverage when he can’t avoid it.

Passing Skills

Quick Release/Mechanics 8.30 Amazingly quick release. Throws the ball in about 2 seconds or so and has used many quick route concepts in college. His mechanics are good with a drop in his arm not happening very often.

Delivery 6.70 Good delivery. Delivers a solid spiral on most occasions and on target with his throws.

Short Accuracy 8.40 Very good at quick, short throws. The spread system he ran was set on receivers running after the catch and the quarterback getting the ball out quickly on short slants and out routes.

Intermediate Accuracy 6.20 Average in his intermediate accuracy. Makes a lot of good throws but does miss high on some throws and if pressured, does not complete a lot of them.

Deep Accuracy 6.00 Good at deep ball accuracy but does not attempt a lot of them. Has shown the ability to throw into tight windows down the field.

Big Play Ability 7.50 Has made multiple big plays during his career. His number one receiver, James Washington was a major part of that success as an explosive and high-scoring offense.

Avoid Errors/Mistakes 5.60 Very prone to making mistakes with inaccuracies across the middle and while being pressured.

Arm Strength 8.00G reat arm strength to push the ball down the field. Can throw at least 50 yards.

Footwork 7.80 Excellent footwork in the pocket. Good 3-step drop. Body positioning is a little open to his left side which needs to be corrected at the next level.


Toughness 7.20 Great ability to stand in against pressure and deliver the ball. Doesn’t always slide when running the ball and does take some hits.

Intangibles/Leadership 7.50 Excellent leader on and off the field. His teammates respond to his play and respect his command in the huddle.

Poise in Pocket 7.60 Wonderful poise in the pocket. Stands in against pressure and throws the ball whether to a receiver or away near a receiver. Doesn’t blink in the face of pressure or a blitz.

Consistency/Motor 7.10 Very consistent producer over his career in college. Consistently won at least 10 games each of the 3 seasons he played the majority of the season.

Production 7.60 Good production with the 10 wins per season as stated. Never could win a conference championship which is somewhat concerning.

Improvisational Ability 5.50 Does not have to make many improvised plays. Throws quick routes normally. Have only seen a few improvised runs on film.


Instincts 6.20 Has good awareness on most of his passes of feeling the pressure in the pocket.

Blitz/Coverage Recognition 5.40 Not very good at reading and recognizing blitzes. Must learn to throw into blitzes where the defender leaves open. Also needs to learn how to check and what to check into.

Decision Making 6.70 Pretty consistent with his decision making. Does force balls when pressured especially across the middle.

Learn/Retain 7.00 Able to retain information well and has a good understanding of his offense. Must learn audibles and how to attack coverages at the next level.


Excellent arm strength. Has the command of the huddle and is respected by his teammates as a leader. Is great at short throws and has a very quick release time. Is a winner who has won at least 30 games in his career. Does have the ability to throw deep with moderate success and can run with the ball.


Makes bad decisions when pressured. Must learn how to recognize blitzes and how to audible to a plays that will beat them. Slow runner when he does take off. Must learn to take sacks instead of throwing the ball into coverage. Has to cut down on mistakes and turnovers.

Big Picture

Rudolph projects as a upper-level backup to a raw starter. His leadership characteristics are unquestioned. He was in a spread offense and needs to learn how to play under center. An NFL offense will require Rudolph to learn audibles and reads that he did not have to do at Oklahoma State. Must cut down turnovers and throwing into coverage while under pressure. A team will need to develop him into a pocket passer and improve his intermediate and deep passing in order to have him be successful. He is a winner and has the drive to win games. Will need time to sit behind a veteran starter in order to develop. I project that teams look to draft him in the late 2nd or 3rd round. But, since he is a quarterback, he will probably be pushed up into the early to middle 2nd round.

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