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QB — Mike White 6.72

Scout- Ryan Lippert

College: Western Kentucky

Height: 6'4

Weight: 225

40-Time: 5.09

Hand: 9 1/2”

Wonderlic: N/A


Q.A.B. 6.00 Has decent agility and balance in the pocket. White also has average quickness but nothing that jumps out at you.

Flexibility 6.50 Shows average knee bend but nothing tremendous.

C.O.D. 6.00 There weren’t many instances when he could stop and change direction due to poor protection. However, could scramble out of the pocket when needed.

Explosiveness/Speed 6.50 White showed instances where he could run and scramble out of the pocket but speed isn’t something that stands out

Pocket Mobility/Avoid Pressure: 6.00 White is inconsistent with this trait. There were instances where he showed ability to break tackles and move out of the pocket. Most of his struggles were due to poor protection.

Passing Skills

Quick Release/Mechanics 7.00 White showed great mechanics with multiple screens and quick passes in 2017. They has to implement quick passes as a key part of their offense due to poor protection

Delivery 7.00 White shows a smooth flowing delivery, especially in the short passing game.

Short Accuracy 7.50 Very rarely misses a target in the short passing game.

Intermediate Accuracy 7.50 Same as the short passing game, very rarely misses a target.

Deep Accuracy 7.00 Has decent deep accuracy but showed moments where he overtthrew receivers or was simply off target

Big Play Ability 7.50 Can step up and deliver a huge deep ball touchdown at any given moment if given time to throw.

Avoid Errors/Mistakes 7.00 Didn’t have many huge mistakes that stood out in film.

Arm Strength 8.00 His arm strength is undoubtedly his best trait as a passer.

Footwork 7.00 Decent footwork but didn’t have to do a whole lot of five step drops due to the quick passing game


Toughness 7.75 White took a beating this past season due to poor protection but never seemed to let it bother him.

Intangibles/Leadership 7.00 White took over games when his team needed it the most.

Poise in Pocket 6.00 Inconsistent in this trait. White seemed to fold in the pocket at times when blitzing defenders got through the line.

Consistency/Motor 6.50 Shows inconsistency at times but plays with a decent motor for the most part.

Production 7.75 White has always been an extremely productive quarterback. With a solid offensive line, he could continue the same in the NFL.

Improvisational Ability 6.50 Showed some ability to stretch plays out when under pressure.


Instincts 6.50 Showed decent instincts when the game was on the line, not many crucial mistakes

Blitz/Coverage Recognition 5.50 Seemed to collapse at times when blitzing defenders got through the line. Also stuck with first read a lot

Decision Making 7.00 Good decision maker for the most part. Not too many mistakes in the passing game.

Learn/Retain 7.00 Showed ability to learn from mistakes. White could go from throwing an incompletion to throwing a deep touchdown.


White showed tremendous arm strength in college. He also had a tremendous amount of accuracy both in the short and deep passing game. Toughness was also not an issue for White, as he showed that he could take a beating and move on from it.


Something that bothers me with White is his inconsistency. As I said, his arm intagibles are not an issue but he had moments where he would seem to lose his rhythm as a passer. He also seemed to panic and take sacks too easily when under pressure.

Big Picture

White is a solid quarterback who suffered from very weak protection as a senior. He has all of the intangibles you want as a passer and has shown that he can make the big throws when you need them. I look for White to be a mid-round draft pick and be a solid back up to start off in the league. If drafted into the right system with a solid offensive line, I could see White being a player who develops into an eventual starter in the league.

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