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Quarterback Matchups We Need to See

by Perry Griffith IV

The widely accepted GOAT of one sport teased this week the upcoming matchup between the two potential NFL GOATs. Although, both Brady and Rodgers have showered each other in compliments via the media this week. A great example of sportsmanship going overboard in my opinion, but it’s for sure an all-time QB matchup we don’t often get with one clear winner for the GOAT in my opinion: TB12. Here are some other QB matchups I’m looking forward to, whether it’s again or for the first time.

Sam Darnold vs. Josh Allen

I feel that I could’ve put almost any combination of the five 1st round QBs taken in this year’s draft. However, these two guys showed that they became good friends during the whole pre-draft process. And as fate will have it, Darnold and Allen will almost certainly be meeting a lot as AFC East rivals fighting to dethrone the Patriots. Brady’s approaching the end of his career, so both rookies have to see their situations as opportunities to help their respective teams step up to compete with the dynastic franchise in Foxboro. Neither rookie QB wants to be behind I’m bragging rights when they hang out off the field.

Patrick Mahomes vs. Deshaun Watson

Mahomes vs. Mayfield would have been on my list, especially since they had a high-power Oklahoma-Texas Tech shootout in college. The football gods are giving this to us this weekend (although Baker is dealing with new coaches), so my mind shifts to another very talented scrambling QB of the future: DeShaun Watson. His injury last year and the timing of it following his hot start was a huge shame, and he’s had an up and down sophomore season along with the rest of his team. He’s got a similar skill set to Mahomes, and their teams have similar projections heading in the right directions. Both teams have solid defenses that would be fun to watch, trying to contain both deep threats and the scrambling threat.

Carson Wentz vs. Jared Goff

We got a taste of this matchup in the Eagles’ 43-35 win over the Rams last season, but this was also the game when Wentz went down with his season-ending injury. We’ll thankfully get a rematch this year in Week 15, and it seems like Rams are on track to being favored this time around. Both QBs are highly touted but heading in slightly different directions. Wentz’s first two seasons couldn’t have gone much better, except perhaps if he actually won the Super Bowl himself. His comeback season this year though has been a bit quiet, while Goff keeps impressing more and more following a shaky start to his career. Some people started throwing the “bust” word around his rookie season, but now he and Head Coach Sean McVay are leading an undefeated season. Regardless of whether Rams are undefeated for the rematch or not, you’d think Goff wants to avenge last year’s loss to the reigning champs and the QB he’s forever tied to for being drafted one spot ahead.

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