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RB — Kerryon Johnson 7.63

Scout- Jason Feiner

College: Auburn

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 212 lbs

40-Time: 4.54

Bench Press: 11

3-Cone: 7.07


Q.A.B. 8.00 Johnson has great balance and agility. He has outstanding stop and start quickness that allow him to wait and explode through the hole. He can run through contact regaining his balance and keeping his feet underneath himself.

Flexibility 7.50 Johnson has good pad level when he gets to the second and third levels. He does a nice job of lower his shoulder in the hole; however, he needs to do this and initiate contact more frequently.

C.O.D. 8.00 Johnson has great change of direction. He is a very patient runner and waits for a hole to open up. He utilizes an excellent jump cut that allows him to change directions in a flash. He is a naturally shifty runner.

Explosion 8.00 Johnson has good explosion when running through the line of scrimmage. He lets his blocks develop and then explodes through the creases similar to Le’veon Bell’s style of play.

Top End Speed 7.50 He doesn’t have top end speed, but he can outrun defenders to the corners and turn up field. He is a dangerous runner with the ability to out run the defense in the open field and avoid contact; however, he won’t pull off the flashy plays CJ2K (Chris Johnson) made famous.

With Ball in Hands

Vision/Instincts 9.00 Johnson has impeccable vision and instincts. He allows his blocks to develop before exploding through the creases. He has a natural ability to turn nothing into positive yards. He is a patient runner that can sense creases or cutback lanes opening.

Cutting Ability 8.00 Johnson utilizes a jump cut that allows him to change direction and avoid contact. His balance, short area quickness and burst help with his style of running. He waits for the hole to open up and cuts up field when he sees daylight.

Elusiveness 7.00 Johnson has the ability to make defenders miss in the open field, and he can avoid defenders in the hole. He is a very patient runner and allows his blocks to develop, but this can also give defenders time to close in on him and create a loss.

Yards After Contact 8.00 Johnson runs with great pad level and can bounce off defenders in the hole or on stretch runs. He does an excellent job of keeping his balance after contact, as he can regain his balance and gain additional yards.

Ball Security 8.50 Johnson does a great job of holding onto the ball. He has only fumbled a total of three times in his career; however, a costly fumble may have turned the tide late in the SEC championship game. Johnson only fumbled once in 309 touches on the season. He holds the with two arms upon impact and in crowded areas of the field.


Hands 8.00 Johnson has excellent hands. He possesses the ability to snatch the ball out of the air, away from his body. He displays soft hands and a smooth catching ability. Johnson has averaged 18 receptions per year over a three year span with 24 receptions coming this past season.

Route Running 7.00 Johnson is a crisp route runner. He doesn’t waste to much motion and can get out of his breaks fast.

Ability In Space 7.00 Johnson has the ability to avoid defenders in the open field. He is very quick, and has enough speed to outrun defenders and breakaway.

Ability to Separate 7.00 Johnson can gain separation from defenders. He has excellent burst and short area quickness and is a mismatch against linebackers.


Lead Blocking 6.00 Johnson doesn’t do much lead blocking, but he is a very stout and consistent blocker in pass pro. I believe given the opportunity and the effort he puts in on each play, Johnson could be a very successful lead blocker.

Blocking In Space 6.00 Johnson is a very consistent blocker, but he can get tentative at times when protecting the edge. He has been pushed back onto his heels and toward the backfield when pressured with faster and more physical players. Minkah Fitzpatrick blew by him and got the quarterback when they went one-on-one in the Alabama game.

Pass Blocking 7.00 Johnson is very consistent and aware in pass protection. He stays square and can mirror opposing rushers.

Situational Awareness 7.00 Johnson is very aware in pass pro. He can read the blitz and often knows who to pick up.


Toughness 8.00 Johnson is a very tough player. He hurt his knee down the stretch of this season, and played through the pain. He wasn’t as effective after hurting his knee, but to be able to play through a knee injury shows toughness and passion for the game.

Production 8.00 Johnson was very productive this season for Auburn; however, he has only had one full season as the featured back in an offense. He played very well in both phases of the game, running and catching the football.

Consistency/Motor 8.00 Johnson is very consistent. He gives his all on every play of the game, fighting for yards and pushing the ball down field. He has great hands, and is a very patient runner that can find small creases in the line and burst through them.

Team Player 8.50 Johnson does everything for his team. He was the SEC offensive player of the year, filing a vital role in both the rushing and passing games. He also did his part on special teams returning the ball. He is a leader on and off the field and acted as a mentor for the younger players on the team.


Instincts 7.50 Johnson is naturally instinctive. He waits for holes to develop and follows his blockers on each play. He can’t wait to long occasionally allowing defenders to catch up to him. He can see holes developing and burst through them lowering his shoulder and initiating contact in the hole.

Learn/Retain 8.00 Johnson is a very smart player, who has played under multiple offensive coordinators at Auburn. He will need to adapt to a pro style offense, but with his ability in the rushing and passing game and his ability to contribute on special teams, Johnson seems to be headed for success at the next level.

Versatility 8.50 Johnson is extremely versatile proving to be dangerous in the running and passing games. Johnson is lethal in the screen game and can contribute in the return game. Johnson excels in pass protection and is a fluid route runner capable of shaking off slower defenders in coverage. He will prove to be a mismatch against linebackers at the next level.


Kerryon Johnson has excellent agility and balance. He has exceptional short area quickness and burst. He is dangerous in open space, as he can gain extra yards while stumbling or regain his balance before going to the ground. He has outstanding patience and vision. He explodes to the hole and stops to wait for a crease to open. He lets his blocks develop before utilizing a very slick jump cut to burst through the line. He does a nice job of lowering his shoulder and powering through tacklers at the second and third levels, and powering through defenders. He is a very versatile running back contributing to Auburn in all three phases of the game. He displays soft hands, and great route running ability. He is lethal in the screen game. He stays square and is very aware in pass protection.


Johnson is a very patient runner who lets his blocks develop before exploding through the holes; however, he can occasionally take too long to make a decision and get tackled in the backfield. He doesn’t have the top end speed some other backs possess, but his short area quickness and burst makeup for this area. He can still outrun defenders in the open field and to the edge. He is aware when blocking, but he can become timid and get pushed onto his heels. Johnson struggles when blocking faster and more physical opponents in open space.

Big Picture

Johnson is a very patient runner with excellent quickness and agility. He lets his blocks develop before exploding through the hole. He displays excellent vision and can find cut back lanes to plant his foot and drive up field. He can occasionally wait to long and give defenders time to catch him in the backfield. He is dangerous in space, as he can avoid defenders in the open field and regain his balance after contact. He has excellent short area quickness and lateral burst, which helps him beat defenders to the edge and make people miss. He doesn’t have elite speed but he is still dangerous in open field, and he doesn’t get caught from behind very often. Johnson has the ability to power through defenders at the second and third levels. Johnson displays excellent ball security only fumbling three times throughout 574 career touches. He committed one fumble in the SEC championship game versus Georgia. He is a very versatile back that has the ability to contribute in each phase of the game. He is an excellent runner with the talent to snatch the ball out of the air in the passing game. He is lethal in the screen game and is very crisp while running routes. He displays smooth catching ability and is also aware in the pass protection. He can become flat footed occasionally and get beat by faster and more physical players in open space, but he can pick up the blitz and stays square. He also has the ability to contribute in the return game as he averaged 25 yards per return at Auburn. Johnson has all the tools to become a three down back at the next level. His play style is reminiscent of Le’veon Bell’s, as he is a more patient runner with short area quickness and burst rather than top end speed. He has excellent hands and is has the ability to pass block. He can carry a heavy workload at the next level, and has a chance to contribute right away.

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