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S- Armani Watts 6.97

Scout- Austen Reed

College: Texas A&M

Height: 5'10

Weight: 202 lbs


Bench Press: 13

Vertical: 35"

Athleticism: 7.30

Q.A.B./C.O.D. 7.00 Watts is a very athletic safety that has the ability to come down and cover the slot, also tight ends as well. He is a quick-twitch safety who can cover a lot of ground in a hurry.  Flexibility 7.50 He is very flexible and has really good knee bend. Watts is fluid getting in and out of his breaks.  Deep Speed 7.00 Watts has the speed to turn and run with receivers, also he is very rangy in the back end. He has the ability to play the deep halves as well as the ability to stick with tight ends going down field.  Explosion 8.00 Watts is very explosive and can get to the ball in a hurry, which sometimes can cost him by over running the play.  Coordination 7.00 Watts has the feet and fluidity to line up in different spots. He has very good hand eye coordination which helps him turn and run with a receiver while having the ability to locate the ball.

Coverage Ability: 6.70

Man Press 5.50 Watts was rarely asked to play press man in his career, he is best suited to play in off coverage.  Man Off 6.00 Watts does have fluid enough hips to play off man. He can eventually develop into a safety that is capable of playing in off man coverage.  Zone 7.50 Watts is best suited to play zone, he was asked to play zone more often than man in his career at A&M. He will fit right in with teams that mostly play zone.  Hand Fighting 6.50 He has the ability to be physical with receivers and tight ends but sometimes can be over aggressive.  Hips/Turn Ability 8.00 Watts has really great hips, he is a fluid athlete that can turn and run with receivers and tight ends.

Play Making: 7.00

Closing Quickness 7.50 Watts is very great at exploding to the ball while having great instincts and timing.  Ball skills 7.00 Watts has soft hands and is capable of high pointing the ball, which is why he has 10 career interceptions at A&M.  Route/play Diagnosis 6.50 Watts can struggle at diagnosing plays at times as well as getting caught guessing on routes.

Run Support: 6.00

Quickness Upfield 7.00 Watts is a good enough athlete to get up the field in a hurry, once he diagnoses the play he will attack.  Fight Through Blocks 6.00 At times can get stuck on blockers but will still try to fight through them.  Tackling 5.00 Watts will struggle with tackling quite often, he does not wrap up, and will opt for ankle diving.

Competitiveness: 7.50

Toughness 7.50 Watts toughness can not be questioned based off the many times he has put is body on the line. This sometimes has caused Watts to miss games in his 4 year career.  Production 8.00 Watts production is very impressive, only active FBS defender with at least 300 career tackles, 10 interceptions and six forced fumbles. Second most tackles by a defensive back in A&M history.  Consistency/Motor 7.00 Watts does fly around the field and he never gives up on plays. He is always around the ball.

Intelligence: 7.33

Instincts 7.50 Watts has great instincts which makes him such an attractive prospect. He has potential to be a ball hawking safety at the next level.  Learn/Retain 6.50 He needs to get better at tackling at the next level and as well as have the ability to play more man coverage.  Teamwork 8.00 Watts was a 4 year starter at A&M and a team captain in 2017.


Watts is a natural centerfield safety that has the range to play all over the field. He is consistently around the ball and disrupting passing lanes with his quick feet. Watts has really great anticipation and instincts when it comes to finding the ball. Watts is a quick-twitch athlete who can cover a lot of ground in a hurry. He does a great job reading the quarterback to click and close on the ball. His feel for developing routes allows him to peel off his coverage and attack. He has really soft hands and the ability to be a ball hawking safety. He is an athletic safety with good feet and fluid hips. Can be a potential steal on day 2 or 3.


Watts will need to approve his tackling ability at the next level. There are too many times when Watts does not wrap up his opponent. Also Watts gambles too much at times and in the end will cost his teammates. He was a slight frame for a safety (5'10 202) also he has miss time with injuries on 3 different occasions in his career at A&M. At times, Watts is inconsistent and not always trust-worthy in run support, loses leverage in pursuit and overruns the play, and picks and chooses when to square up and tackle with technique.


Overall, Watts is an explosive athlete who has a nose for the ball. His ability to read the play and attack the football makes him a major turnover threat. There are not many defensive backs who have his ball skills and aggressiveness. He may lack the size you would want in a safety but he makes up for it with his aggressiveness. At the next level he will need to approve on his tackling and his ability to not rely on the big play. He does come with injury concerns after missing a few games in his career. There are too many feast or famine plays with Watts but that can be corrected. In the end Watts can become a starting free safety at the next level under the right system.

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