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S- Jessie Bates III 7.02

Scout- Jason Feiner

College: Stanford

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 195 lbs

40-Time: 4.5

Bench Press: N/A

Vertical: 35.5"

Athleticism: 7.10

Q.A.B./C.O.D. 7.50 Bates is an athletic player with quick feet and excellent balance. He can get in and out of his bicycle quickly and move up field switching from his back peddle.  Flexibility 7.00 He has natural flexibility consistently keeping his knees bent in and out of his breaks. He keeps his shoulders high which can hinder his tackling ability.  Deep Speed 8.00 Bates has very good recovery speed. He can run with with receivers when tasked with man coverage, and he showcases the ability to run down ball carriers in the open field.  Explosion 6.00 Bates is quick to react, but he is not the most explosive player. He has quick feet and a good reaction time, but he never explodes to the ball or bursts through a ball carrier.  Coordination 7.00 He possess good feet and balance which allows him to move to the ball carrier quickly. He has great hand eye coordination displaying the ability to defend the pass while the ball is in the air.

Coverage Ability: 6.20

Man Press 5.00 Bates was rarely tasked with press. He is primarily a deep safety who occasionally comes down to the slot. Bates his not very physical, and he tends to have difficulty jamming a bigger receiver at the line. His length helps him jam a smaller player at the line and his athleticism and fluidity allows him to turn his hips and run with the wideout.  Man Off 7.00 Bates was not generally used in man coverage. When he was used in this way Bates was serviceable. He occasionally got beat, but his recovery speed allowed him to catch the wideout and make an acrobatic play on the ball. He has the athleticism to stick to his assignment, but he is very inconsistent when used in man coverage.  Zone 7.00 Bates does a great job while in zone. He has shown the ability to read the QBs eyes and react fast. He has the speed to close in on a route and the playmaking ability to deflect, pick or tackle the opposing receiver. He occasionally got beat to the spot in his zone and had to chase down the ball carrier from behind.  Hand Fighting 5.00 Bates is not a physical player, and doesn’t show a willingness to engage or violently punch a receivers chest to throw them off their route. He often puts his hands straight out to stop oncoming traffic and avoid a collision.  Hips/Turn Ability 7.00 He has good hips and an ability to quickly turn and run with a receiver. He has the closing quickness to jump a route or the speed and fluidity to stick to a wideouts hip. He can occasionally get lost in coverage and lose his assignment.

Play Making: 7.67

Closing Quickness 8.00 He has great speed and the talent to close on a receiver quickly. He has shown the ability to recover after getting beat and track down a player in the open field.  Ball skills 8.00 Bates has excellent ball skills securing six interceptions over the past two seasons.  Route/play Diagnosis 7.00 He has shown the ability to stick with a receiver or watch a quarterback’s eyes and flow to the ball. He can get beat to the point of attack.

Run Support: 6.33

Quickness Upfield 6.50 He is hesitant and indecisive at times, but once he knows where he wants to go he can fly to the ball. He needs to work on the angles he takes, but he can get to the ball carrier in a hurry.  Fight Through Blocks 6.00 He uses his length to fight through blocks, but he is not a powerful player. He extends his arms to avoid contact, but he generally avoids or runs around a blocker.  Tackling 6.50 He is a good and willing tackler, but he has shown the inability to finish. He runs past the ball carrier and needs to add weight and strength to his lanky frame to become a dominant run defender.

Competitiveness: 7.33

Toughness 6.50 Bates is a tough player, but he needs to add weight to his frame. He is a tall athletic player with concerns about his durability and play strength entering the next level.  Production 7.50 Bates has been very productive throughout his short career. He was exceptional during his redshirt freshman campaign and had a solid 2017 season.  Consistency/Motor 8.00 Bates consistently flies around the field. He has a high motor and gives his all on each play. He has the drive to track down ball carriers in the open field to save big plays or potential touchdowns.

Intelligence: 7.50

Instincts 7.50 Bates is very smart and instinctive player. He can be indecisive at times, but he is mentally tough and often knows where to go before the ball is released.  Learn/Retain 7.00 He is a smart athlete with the ability to pick up a defense quickly. He will need to get better tackling technique and leverage.  Teamwork 8.00 Bates is a team player and an excellent leader. he gives his all on each play, and runs sideline to sideline on every snap. He is always around the ball and was a team leader on this young defense.


Jessie Bates is a tall athletic safety with very quick feet and good balance. He can get up field in a hurry and close on a receiver when the ball is in the air. He has excellent recovery speed with the capability to run with a receiver or close a gap quickly. He is an efficient zone defender showcasing the ability to read the quarterback’s eyes and flow in that direction. Bates has outstanding ball skills securing an impressive six interceptions over the past two seasons. He is a playmaker with the talent to break on a route and deflect, pick or tackle the ball carrier. He is a very fluid athlete with the ability to turn and run with an opposing wideout. Bates plays each game with a high intensity motor consistently tracking down ball carriers from behind and saving big plays or touchdowns.


Bates is an athletic playmaker who is always around the football; however, he lacks ideal size for an NFL safety. He needs to gain weight and power, as he is very lanky lacking play strength. He doesn’t have elite explosion and fails to burst through ball carriers. He is a willing tackler, but he often needs assistance. Bates has displayed an inability to finish. He occasionally over runs the ball carrier and will need to take better angels in the future. He doesn’t engage blockers, rather avoiding them or going around taking longer to contact the ball carrier. Bates can be hesitant and indecisive at times, but once he knows where he is going he can get there in a hurry.


Bates is a great athlete with excellent playmaking ability and athleticism. He has excellent short area quickness and can get out of his breaks easily. He has outstanding speed capable of closing gaps or recovering when beat to the ball. He has great ball skills and excels in zone coverage with the ability to stick to a receiver’s hip in man. He needs to gain weight and power, as he is very lanky and lacks elite play strength. He is not very explosive and fails to burst through tackles. He is a willing tackler, but has shown the inability to finish. Bates is a fluid athlete with coverage capability, but he needs to add strength to his lanky build to become and all around safety. While Bates excels in certain areas, he struggles in others. He will be a deep free safety with the ability to assist in tackles at the next level. Unless he adds strength he will not be a consistent or powerful all around player.



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