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S- Ronnie Harrison 7.48

scout- Jason Feiner

College: Alabama

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 214 lbs

40-Time: N/A

Bench Press: N/A

Vertical: 34"

Athleticism: 7.30

Q.A.B./C.O.D. 7.50 Harrison is a very athletic Safety with the ability to change directions in a flash. He has great body control and quick feet with ability to track ball carriers across the field and jump routes.  Flexibility 6.50 He has good knee bend, but he runs with high pads. He needs to run with better pad level, and initiate contact with better technique.  Deep Speed 7.50 Harrison has excellent speed with the ability to undercut routes and make plays on the ball or chase down players from behind. He has the speed to run with receivers and recover if beaten to the point of attack.  Explosion 8.00 Harrison is an explosive player. He displays the talent to run through ball carriers and collide with impressive power. He has great burst and moves quickly to track ball carriers.  Coordination 7.00 Harrison is very coordinated. He displays excellent body control and great stop and start quickness. He had a tendency to over run the ball carrier; he will need to break down and collide with the offensive player in the future.

Coverage Ability: 7.10

Man Press 6.50 Harrison didn’t get to many opportunities to play press coverage in Alabama’s system, but he is a physical athlete and could provide an efficient and effective jam if given the chance.  Man Off 6.50 Harrison is capable of playing quality man coverage in certain matchups. He is a great athlete with the speed and quickness to stay on the hip of receiver or back coming out of the backfield.  Zone 7.50 He is excellent in zone coverage with the instincts and speed to cut routes and make plays on the ball. He can get lost in coverage at times, but he is instinctive and is quick to the ball.  Hand Fighting 8.00 He is a very physical safety and displays the power to disrupt routes while playing in the box.  Hips/Turn Ability 7.00 He is a fluid athlete with good turning ability. He is tight but has quick feet and can explode toward the ball. He comes out of his break with high pads and will need to adjust at the next level.

Play Making: 7.83

Closing Quickness 8.00 He has excellent instincts and can break on the ball very quickly. He has quick feet and displays great change of direction.  Ball skills 7.50 He has great ball skills. Harrison is very instinctive and can break up a pass while in zone coverage utilizing his speed and quickness.  Route/play Diagnosis 8.00 Harrison displays great awareness while working in the middle of the field or as an in the box safety. He plays fast and can break on the ball or ball carrier quickly.

Run Support: 7.83

Quickness Upfield 8.00 Harrison has excellent short area quickness and lateral burst. He displays the capability to explode upfield and initiate contact.  Fight Through Blocks 8.00 He is a very physical athlete with a good amount of power. Harrison uses his length to keep blocker away from his body and move by them quickly. He can rip through blocks and explode to the ball.  Tackling 7.50 Harrison has a great ability to find the ball and fight the carrier to the ground. He often initiates tackles with high pad level and has a tendency to overrun the wideout or back. He need to break down more consistently to be an efficient strong safety in the NFL. He often leads with his shoulder and will need to wrap the ball carrier more consistently.

Competitiveness: 7.50

Toughness 8.00 Harrison has is an explosive athlete that can run through opposing runners with excellent power. He is a prototypical safety with great size length and speed. He is a very tough player with the ability to play through nagging injuries. He doesn’t have many durability concerns heading into the NFL  Production 8.00 Harrison is another Bama DB with great production throughout his collegiate career. He has been coached exceptionally well and has the ability to produce early in his career.  Consistency/Motor 6.50 He is a very consistent player, but he stops on some plays when he could make the tackle with his excellent recovery speed. He needs to play with his physicality and drive more consistently.

Intelligence: 7.33

Instincts 7.50 Harrison has great instincts, and can explode through a tackle. He occasionally hesitates before bursting toward the ball carrier.  Learn/Retain 8.00 He has been two year starter for Alabama’s defense and participated throughout his freshman season. He is avery smart player with excellent field awareness who displays the ability to locate the ball and make a play.  Teamwork 6.50 He is a leader in Bama’s defense, but he needs to work on his communication on the field. He occasionally gives up on plays where he could make the tackle and will need to work on his effort level.


Harrison possesses an excellent blend of size and speed. He has quick feet and a quick pedal with easy transitions to break from his bicycle fast. Harrison has good recovery speed with the ability to undercut routes. Harrison has impressive power and is a very explosive athlete. He is a physical hitter able to explode through the runner. He tries to punish the ball carrier on each play. He is excellent in zone coverage and plays with excellent route anticipation. He has the ability and instincts to play under the route and utilize his length to play the ball in the air. Harrison loves contact and will take a rapid downhill angle in run support. He has the speed and size to play deep safety and help over the top. He has the ability to chase down ball carriers if he over pursues the back. He is versatile player that will assist as the deep safety or in the box.


Harrison is a talented player and loves contact, but he tends to overreact on occasion. He has a downhill playing style and will overrun the back losing leverage with bad pursuit angles. He needs to develop better patience while running towards the back. He often initiates contact with high pad level and tends to lead with his shoulder rather then wrapping up. He doesn’t seem to rush in order to get set pre-snap; he seems like he is just going through the motions and waits for the start of the play to move. He is good in coverage, but he can get lost and occasionally bites on more complex routes. He will jump if he sees an early break.


Harrison has an excellent combination of size, speed and power. He is a fluid athlete with quick feet and smooth hips. He can get out of his bicycle quickly and utilizes a downhill playing style to attack the back in run support. He will need to improve his pursuit angles and break down while tackling. He is a physical player that punishes the ball carrier with every chance he gets, but he leads with his shoulder too much and can miss tackles. He has a great urgency in run support and possesses great potential in coverage. He is a versatile player that can fill in multiple roles. He will fit in a variety of defensive schemes. He has experience playing both safety spots and playing in the box against run support. He possesses excellent instincts and has outstanding play recognition. Harrison’s versatility, urgency in run support, potential in coverage and his elite athleticism give him the opportunity to be a day one starter in the next level.



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