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S- Tarvarius Moore 6.92

Scout- Ryan Goudy

College: Southern Miss

Height: 6'0

Weight: 202 lbs

40-Time: 4.32

Bench Press: N/A

Vertical: 39.5"

Athleticism: 7.10

Q.A.B./C.O.D. 7.00 Loose hips, good agility and change of direction skills. Flexibility 7.00 Shows ability to bend, pretty loose.  Deep Speed 7.50 Pro day 40 time of 4.32, plays that speed.  Explosion 7.25 Explosive athlete, can come downhill like he is shot out of a cannon. Coordination 6.75 Good coordination, able to flip his hips.

Coverage Ability: 6.60

Man Press 6.00 Not asked to press very often, plays off man, has body to play press.  Man Off 6.75 Raw, good skills can get touchy.  Zone 6.75 Gets to depth quick. Hand Fighting 6.50 Gets handsy, rawness makes him panic.  Hips/Turn Ability 7.00 Good hips, fluid ability to flip and break down.

Play Making: 7.17

Closing Quickness 7.50 Closes on receivers and comes downfield.  Ball skills 7.00 Good ball production, double catches.  Route/play Diagnosis 7.00 Able to diagnose and recover on play action.

Run Support: 6.83

Quickness Upfield 7.50 Flys downfield to make plays.  Fight Through Blocks 6.00 Doesn’t do well at getting off of blocks, doesn't attack blocks.  Tackling 7.00 Good tackler, drops his head more than you would like.

Competitiveness: 6.83

Toughness 7.00 Likes contact, plays hard. Production 6.50 Only one year of production. Consistency/Motor 7.00 Shows a good motor, hawks to the ball.

Intelligence: 7.00

Instincts 7.25 Very good instincts, puts himself in a place to make the ball. Learn/Retain 7.00 Has learned and progressed, peaked against FSU. Teamwork 6.75 Good teammate.


Tarvarius is raw, but has a special athleticism. He is an explosive athlete that also has a great combination of speed and size. He has great length, which he uses in coverage to play the ball. He has good instincts for someone who has really only played one year. He has the body to be a good cover safety, but is at his best when he is flying downhill to attack a runner.


Moore has good ball production, but sometimes fights the ball when it is thrown his way. He launches when tackling and doesnt always see what he hits. He doesnt do a great job getting off of blocks and doesn’t attack them.


Moore is a late riser up draft boards after not being invited to the NFL Combine. He has a great frame, with rare speed and explosion. He could add some weight in his lower half. He has good cover skills, and is fluid in his hips. He is able to open up and run with receivers. He is at his best when he reads a run, and comes down hill to meet the back on the edge. Moore is a good player, and will more than likely, find himself drafted on Day 2.



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