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Survivor Picks Week 17 Recap

(Image credit Aron Ontiverozt /The Denver Post)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick

Week 17 of the NFL Season has concluded and there were a few upsets this week that resulted in people being eliminated in survivor. Let's dive into how I did, giving my top 5 options that I gave to pick in Survivor and a trap game to avoid choosing for Week 17 of the NFL season.

Week 17 Top 5 Survivor Options

Week 17 Record (5-0)

Overall Record (66-19)

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New York Jets

Now that was a scary one. For those that took, the Buccaneers were extremely nervous as they were losing to the New York Jets. I thought the game was over when Antonio Brown had his meltdown and left the game. Brown was soon released from this game as a result yet again blowing his 3rd chance in returning to the league. The Buccaneers should have lost this game but this is the New York Jets and made a questionable move doing a QB Sneak on a 4th and 2 when the Buccaneers defensive line is one of the best in the league. I would have taken the points at that spot but I don't fully blame them for going for it. I hate that they did not just use an RPO at that spot. But, overall great performance by both teams.

2. New England Patriots vs Jacksonville Jaguars

Total deletion here. The Patriots absolutely destroyed the Jacksonville Jaguars 50-10. The Patriots definitely deserve a playoff spot and they earned it with that victory. It goes to show how bad the Jaguars are and my goodness is Trevor Lawrence awful. I hope the Jaguars did not completely ruin Trevor Lawrence while there on their rebuild but there is a lot of work for the Jaguars to do especially when improving the team during the offseason. It all starts with getting the head coaching hire right and they even interviewed Bill O’Brien. Wait what, why would want to bring him in to coach after he self-destructed the Houston Texans?

3. San Francisco 49ers vs Houston Texans

This was a must-win for the 49ers. If they lost then they would be looking out of the playoffs as the Saints are still behind them. The San Francisco 49ers took care of business and defeated the Houston Texans. I know it is the Texans but the San Francisco 49ers really have something in QB Trey Lance. He made some excellent throws in this matchup and has strong qualities that you want to see in a quarterback. But next week is a must-win as they face the Los Angeles Rams who will play a tough matchup as the Rams are also battling to get the 1st seed for the NFC in the playoffs.

4. Los Angeles Chargers vs Denver Broncos

The Chargers needed to beat the Denver Broncos after their perplexing loss to the Houston Texans. They did what they needed to as they destroyed the Denver Broncos 34-13. This victory also gives bragging rights for the Chargers especially as they eliminated the Broncos in the playoffs this season. But good work to the Chargers and they have to beat the Las Vegas Raiders to make the playoffs.

5. Buffalo Bills vs Atlanta Falcons

Looks like the Buffalo Bills have finally woken up as they have defeated the Atlanta Falcons. Also, Devin Singeltary impressed yet again with a two rushing touchdown performance. It looked like the Falcons had given up the season. The Bills needed this one to clinch a playoff spot and they luckily did.

Trap Survivor Pick: Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cleveland Browns

This game was very telling for the Cleveland Browns. They are a broken team especially now that they have been mathematically eliminated we may see new faces on the Browns offense and defense. Baker Mayfield has suffered a massive decline this season and who knows if he will be a Cleveland Brown next season. The defense was a mess all game. Congrats to the Pittsburgh Steelers for winning this game but absolutely need to defeat the Baltimore Ravens and not play down to competition if they want to make the playoffs.


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