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Survivor Picks Week 18 (2022)

(Image credit Matt Pendleton/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick

Twitter: @NicholasMullick

With Week 17 now officially completed, there were a lot of games that had a lot of upset and hopefully you guys survived. As always I will discuss the rules for a survivor pool. It is a weekly contest where people select one team straight up per week to win their game. If a team chosen won, then they advance to the next week, but keep in mind that the team chosen can’t be used for the rest of the season. If a team that they chose for that week loses, well they are eliminated from the pool. So now that the rules are set it is time for me to give my Top 5 options, a trap pick, and a survivor pick I would have made for the week if it was still alive for Week 18.

THIS IS IT!! Hopefully you made it this point and made the right choice for this game. Let's End it on a good note.

1. San Francisco 49ers vs Arizona Cardinals

Well, if you held out using the 49ers this week, they are the no brainers choice. Arizona is freaking terrible and could not finish it off against an awful Atlanta falcons team. If you want to clinch winning the survivor pool then take the 49ers.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars vs Tennessee Titans

Oh this definitely goes on the list. The Titans have a large chunk of their roster injured right now. Plus we don’t truly know who will be the starting QB in this game. Josh Dobbs stinks and I don’t care if he threw for 232 passing yards and even threw a touchdown against the Cowboys. He was playing against a cowboys defense that were resting their starters and looked like they could care less in the later 3rd quarter. Even if Malik Willis does start he is still very raw as a prospect. The Jags on the other hand are hungry to win this division and are a lot healthier. Plus the Jaguars are the home team

3. Seattle Seahawks vs Los Angeles Rams

Seattle beating the Jets was a big win for them and they have a big opportunity to make it to the playoffs. Now they have to face the Los Angeles Rams who have had a disappointing season. The Rams have been resting their star players and have seemingly given up the season after embarrassing the Broncos. The Seahawks should take care of business and solidify their spot in the playoffs.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cleveland Browns

I can’t believe I am saying this, but I am firmly starting to believe the Steelers are onto something. Especially as it looks like Kenny Pickett is still the real deal as the QB of this team. I also firmly believe that Mike Tomlin is beloved in that locker room and they want to keep his streak of never having a losing regular season record. The players will do whatever they can to keep that streak alive. Could the Steelers pull a classic and play down to competition? Yes, but I just don’t see that as the Browns are garbage. Watson is still rusty and only played well last week because the Commanders were super unprepared in that game. With this game being in Pittsburgh and not a lot of people choosing them in Survivor, this may be the week to choose them if you have limited options.

5. Miami Dolphins vs New York Jets

This is a must win for the Miami Dolphins and even though it looks like Skylar Thompson is the QB they will have to face the Jets. The Jets last week showed that they have quit not only the season but on the coach. The Jets also may not have Mike White at QB in this game and if he plays he won’t be 100% with his rib issue. If you still have the Dolphins, they are a great option to choose for this week.

Trap Survivor Pick: Indianapolis Colts vs Houston Texans

Oh boy the Texans are the favorites to secure the 1st Overall Pick and are going to try and secure it. Problem is the Colts are super untrustworthy, especially with the big question mark at QB. Plus I can see the Colts make a big brain move by winning this week by losing. Losing this game would raise their draft capital stock by securing a Top 5 pick and even have the possibility of having the Texans lose the 1st Overall Pick to the Chicago Bears. It's freaking brilliant for the Colts game plan this week. I would avoid betting this game or using the Colts in Survivor for this week.

Record (5-12) - Week 1: Washington Commanders, Week 2: New England Patriots, Week 3: Buffalo Bills, Week 4: Los Angeles Chargers, Week 5 Tennessee Titans, Week 6: San Francisco 49ers, Week 7: Green Bay Packers Week 8: San Francisco 49ers, Week 9: Cincinnati Bengals, Week 10: Las Vegas Raiders, Week 11: Buffalo Bills, Week 12: Los Angeles Chargers, Week 13: Cleveland Browns, Week 14: Buffalo Bills, Week 15 Denver Broncos, Week 16: Minnesota Vikings, Week 17: Atlanta Falcons

Who I would of went with for my Survivor Pick for Week 18: Jacksonville Jaguars vs Tennessee Titans

I can’t choose the 49ers as they were my pick last week. I can’t choose the Miami Dolphins as I used them in Week 12. Seattle seems like an easy choice, but a lot of people have already chosen them in other weeks. This came down to the Jacksonville Jaguars or Pittsburgh Steelers. You know what if this was me I would root for the team I feel more confident that they will win their game and the Jags to me have an easier opponent with the Titans being very injured. Plus the Jaguars have more competent coordinators than the Steelers do. So I would have taken the Jacksonville Jaguars in survivor for this week.

Record (12-5) - Week 1: Tennessee Titans, Week 2: Cleveland Browns, Week 3: Philadelphia Eagles, Week 4: New York Giants, Week 5: Denver Broncos, Week 6: Los Angeles Rams, Week 7: Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Week 8: Dallas Cowboys, Week 9: New England Patriots, Week 10: Kansas City Chiefs, Week 11: Washington Commanders, Week 12: Miami Dolphins, Week 13: Baltimore Ravens, Week 14: Las Vegas Raiders, Week 15: Minnesota Vikings, Week 16: Buffalo Bills, Week 17: San Francisco 49ers

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