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Survivor Picks: Week 6 Recap

(Image credit Bill Streicher/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick

Week 6 of the NFL Season has concluded and it was an unsurprising week in Survivor as except for a few games many advanced. Let's dive into how I did, giving my top 5 options that I gave to pick in survivor and a trap game to avoid choosing for Week 6 of the NFL season.

Week 6 Top 5 Survivor Options

Week 6 Record (4-1)

Overall Record (24-7)

1. Los Angeles Rams at New York Giants

I am not going to go long here at all but I was very surprised to see Daniel Jones played this game after he suffered a brutal concussion last week. I thought for sure that he wouldn’t play and well he was terrible. To be honest he still looked hurt in this game and should not have played at all. I still don’t know about Daniel Jones as well as he shows flashes that he could be something if he is coached right. Joe Judge is not a good head coach right now. No joke while rewatching the film for this game, I completely forgot the Giants had Dante Pettis on their team and he showed some flashes in this game after his failed tenure with the 49ers. The Rams completely dominated the Giants in this game. This was an easy choice in survivor.

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Philadelphia Eagles

Was a little nervous in this game and it was an extremely close one. But the Tampa Bay Buccaneers did their job and won this game. Tom Brady looked like he did not have a thumb injury and made some nice throws excluding a terribly thrown interception. For the Buccaneers the player of the game was Leonard Fournette as he ran all over the Philadelphia Eagles defense. With Gronk out OJ Howard heavily impressed me in this game especially with his ability to recover when running routes. The defense did a solid job as well but there is a tremendous weakness at cornerback. Richard Sherman was supposed to fix it but unsurprisingly was injured after this was his first week of Football since being let go by the San Francisco 49ers. Sherman left the game with a hamstring injury and who knows when he will return for the Buccaneers. The Philadelphia Eagles had a hard-fought performance and were solid in this game. I got to ask a question to the coaching staff: Do you hate running the football? Only 9 carries to Miles Sanders in this game and that's it. I am starting to believe that Nick Sirianni hates running the football which does not work in this league. Look at how that did not work for Adam Gase refusing to utilize the running backs when he had Jay Ajayi in Miami and Le'Veon Bell with the Jets. But Overall good performance by both teams.

3. Kansas City Chiefs at Washington Football Team

This may statistically look like a good game by the Chiefs but it was a completely ugly blowout for the Chiefs. Mahomes had a strong game but has had a big issue turning over the football. Did you Know Patrick Mahomes was 2nd in the league with the most interceptions behind Zach Wilson? The worst play made by Mahomes was when the snap was botched. Mahomes picked the ball up and decided to throw the football right to a wide-open Washington Football team. I believe it was Kendall Fuller who caught the football. He played an ugly game but had a solid performance. There was no Clyde Edwards Helaire in this game but Darrell Williams had a strong performance replacing him. The receiving core did a solid job for the Chiefs. The defense did their job as well and that Tershawn Wharton interception was one of the best interceptions I have seen from a defensive lineman since Vince Wilfork had an interception and almost ran for a Pick 6. Washington was up and down in this game with the offense and defense. Imagine how good Washington would have been if they nailed that Dwayne Haskins pick. That is one of the biggest What if’s in Washington for me in the past few years. Overall strong performance but I'd be nervous picking the Chiefs in future games.

4. Indianapolis Colts vs Houston Texans

Where has this performance for the Indianapolis Colts been for the past few weeks? Well, we saw it a bit against the Ravens until they blew that lead. Carson Wentz had a solid performance but it was Jonathan Taylor who was the player for the Colts as he made amazing run plays all game including his two rushing yards. The Colts defense held up and the secondary did their job against a weak receiver core for the Texans. With the Houston Texans, the best way to describe them is that they are like Jekyll and Hyde. One moment they will look like they are extremely competitive and play close games where on the other hand they look like a team that just doesn't care and give up easily. I don’t know what to think of Davis Mills as well and I would feel more confident with the Texans if Tyrod is the starter and not the rookie Davis Mills.

5. Miami Dolphins at Jacksonville Jaguars

What a disgraceful performance by the Miami Dolphins. Before we get into the Dolphins performance I want to congratulate the Jacksonville Jaguars as they have broken their 20 consecutive losses and finally won a game in London, England. Kudos to Trevor Lawrence and Laviska Shenault for the Clutch performance at the end of the drive and bailing coaching from another loss. Now let's get into the Miami Dolphins performance. First off I am pro Tua Tagoviloa and I think in time he will get better but despite having a statistically good game he made some awful decisions in this game. Like for example I believe it was in the second half and it was on a 3rd and 2, Tua was out of the pocket and easily could have run out of bounce for the first down and what does he do he decides to throw the ball in double coverage. That was a bad decision and that throw was just completely overthrown by Tua. Tua also threw an awful interception in this game as well. He needs to be a better decision-maker in future games. I have been a big supporter of Head Coach Brian Flores and I don’t understand why people are calling for him to be fired. But this is a play call that I can’t get behind Flores. It's 4th and 1 and you are up by I believe it was a field goal at the time in the 4th quarter. You are in field goal range and have one of the top kickers in the NFL. I have no problem going for it in fact analytics tells everyone to go for it and do you run a QB Sneak with Jacoby Brissett or even with Tua on that play. No, he decided to run the same running play all game that was completely read by the Jaguars defense and I believe it was Malcolm Brown who was the one on the carry. That was a ridiculous play call by the coaching staff. Quick question though, why was Malcolm Brown given more carries than Myles Gaskin in this game? Gaskin was not even hurt and I was bewildered why Brown got more carries than him. Mike Gesicki and Jaylen Waddle were the best players on this offense and did a good job in this game. But My goodness this offensive line for the Dolphins is bad. It is easily one of the worst o-lines in the NFL today. Except for Liam Eichenberg who is fantastic this o-line was brutal all game and the Dolphins absolutely need to improve it.

Let's get to the defense First off what the heck happened to LB Jerome Baker’s coverage skills. He heavily regressed in coverage this season and was terrible with the Tight Ends. He got his act together in the second half but it is concerning to see how he has regressed this season. But Baker should blitz a lot more because that is how he will succeed in this defense. The secondary was brutal after both Byron Jones and Xavien Howard did not play due to their injuries. Speaking of how terrible this secondary played, how about the Great Noah Igbinoghene, the 1st round pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. How bad was he in this game? He was brutal all day in coverage and was poor with his tackling. This team wasted a 1st round pick on him is just unbelievable. I was never a fan of the Igbinoghene pick as I thought he was a reach and should have gone in the 2nd or Third round. This was a disappointing game for the season and I doubt Miami does well for the rest of the season in the way they performed in this game. At least Miami will most likely get a high draft pick and help rebuild that defense at the end of this season. Oh, wait, their first-round pick is Philadelphia Eagles' property due to the trade-up for Jaylen Waddle. Well, at least you have the San Francisco 49ers 1st round draft pick.

Trap Survivor Pick: Pittsburgh Steelers vs Seattle Seahawks

Now before I talk about the results of this game It would not feel right if I did not talk about the scary injury that occurred with Seahawks DE/EDGE Darrell Taylor.

A professional athlete's career in their respective sports always comes with a risk. Athletes sacrifice their bodies both mentally and physically. Sometimes these injuries are short-term but there are injuries that will affect a person for the Long term. This is why no matter who the Athlete is, I have a ton of respect for players that sacrifice their bodies to play the sport that they love and give back to the fan base to watch the sport that they love.

Darrell Taylor was having a strong game as well making plays all game against the Pittsburgh Steelers offense. Unfortunately, Darell Taylor suffered a brutal injury in this game that forced him to be placed on a stretcher and get carted off with an injury. There were multiple commercial breaks that occurred while medical was attending to Darrell Taylor’s injuries. It got extremely scary that every single player and coach were on the football field.

I hate when injuries like this happen, like current New York Jets Head Coach Robert Saleh's quote “It’s never good because football goes away at that moment. It’s about the person, his family, everyone in his life. That’s what takes precedence at that moment. Football just goes away.’’ This is beyond football as these major injuries affect the long-term health of any Football player. The game always goes away during these scary moments

Now I am writing this right after the Steelers Seahawks game has ended and for Now, I have not heard any updates regarding Taylor’s status except that Taylor now has use of his extremities which is good news. My thoughts and prayers are with Darrell Taylor. I wish him a speedy recovery.

Now let's get into the Steelers and Seahawks game and What's this is the Pittsburgh Steelers Playing Down to competition. Who would have known? This is a Mike Tomlin-coached team of course I am not surprised the Steelers did this throughout the game. The Steelers got absolutely lucky that the Steelers defense is healthy and that they have TJ Watt bailing this team out in overtime. They were all game playing down to competition against a Seahawks team with Geno Smith as their QB. Do you know how hard that is to do? Ben Roethlisberger was alright in this game but the guy can barely throw the football anymore and had a terrible fumble in this game. Najee Harris is proving a lot of fans wrong who doubted him being a 1st round pick. He has been the best player on this offense no question. Imagine Najee with a competent and healthy offensive line he would be the best running back in the league. Diontae Johnson played well in this game and impressed me with some of his catches. I don't understand why Claypool was even out there as he was still banged up with his hamstring injury and still looked hurt. The defense was better in this game for the steelers. For Seattle it was a hard-fought game and excluding the fumble by Geno Smith at the end of the game he looked alright. Then again it was the Steelers and they love playing down to competition. Alex Collins ran all over this defense and did a good job replacing Chris Carson. The o-line was ok in this game as well. Overall great performance by the Seattle Seahawks and the Pittsburgh Steelers Defense.


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