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Survivor Picks: Week 9 Recap

(Image credit Marc Lebryk/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick

Week 9 of the NFL Season has concluded and there were a few upsets this week that resulted in people being eliminated in survivor. Let's dive into how I did, giving my top 5 options that I gave to pick in Survivor and a trap game to avoid choosing for Week 9 of the NFL season.

Week 9 Top 5 Survivor Options

Week 9 Record (3-2)

Overall Record (35-10)

1. Indianapolis Colts vs New York Jets

The Colts did what they needed to do to keep their playoff hopes alive by defeating the New York Jets in Lucas Oil Stadium. This game was settled the moment Mike White suffered his forearm/wrist injury. The running game for the Colts completely dominated the Jets defense running all over them. The Colts defense did a solid job in the first half but in the second half, they underperformed but did their job. Overall strong performance taking care of business. This was not a surprise to me at all that the Colts would win this game at all.

2. Buffalo Bills at Jacksonville Jaguars

I don’t know what to think about this game. The Buffalo Bills have been very suspect of late and this game exposed them and they should have beaten the Jaguars who were trying to give the Bills the win. Both Trevor Lawrence and Josh Allen were awful. The Jaguars should not have won this game but the player for the Jaguars is DE/EDGE Rusher Josh Allen as he was everywhere making plays. Remind me why years ago the Raiders decided to select Clelin Ferell over Josh Allen during the 2019 NFL Draft again. Anyway he was fantastic in this game and both teams lose here as the Jaguars lose value in potentially getting the first overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft and the Bills loss could affect them in the playoffs. The Bills need to wake up and not perform as they did in this game. Side Note I am sick of the Josh Allen jokes that are being made all day about how he sacked himself and threw an interception to himself. Saying it once was funny but when it is said over and over again it is not funny but just annoying.

3. Dallas Cowboys vs Denver Broncos

Wow. I can't believe the Broncos won this game. I have been on record many times saying the Cowboys are being held back by bad coaching by Mike McCarthey and games like this are why. As a Jets fan even though we got Adam Gase at head coach which was just an awful hire, thank goodness the Jets did not hire Mike McCarthey as the head coach. Getting back to the game with Mike McCarthey he pulled a Mike Tomlin in this game as the Cowboys played down to massively inferior competition in this game. This Broncos team is openly tanking the season and just traded their franchise face in Von Miller and the offense did absolutely nothing in this game until it got to garbage time. I've noticed something as well and it goes to show the value that Tyron Smith has on this o-line. When he is on this o-line this team is fantastic and when he is out this o-line struggles. All game Dak was getting pressured by Broncos defensive end/Edge Rusher Jonathan Cooper and the Broncos might have something in this 7th round rookie as he has shown flashed that he could be a great player this season. The o-line was a mess all game and the run blocking was awful. I got to ask the coaching staff what happened to utilizing the running backs. I am annoyed that Tony Pollard has looked better than Elliot in some games and he only got 4 carries in this game. To make it worse news came out that Elliot was dealing with a knee injury. This coaching staff still decided to not utilize the healthy running back who has been excellent this season. I don’t get it as the Broncos run defense is not that good. Look I have been a pro-Dak Prescott guy but he was horrible in the first half of this game. He made some awful overthrows and threw a terrible interception, probably the worst INT I have seen in his career. Let's move on to the defense and oh boy. I want to start with the small positive with LB Micah Parsons has been fantastic and is a home run selection made by the Dallas Cowboys during the 2021 NFL Draft. He was the best player on this defense no question. I need to ask what happened to CB Trevon Diggs as he blew coverage many times this game including a 44-yard touchdown by Tim Patrick. He was normally a bright spot on this defense and was awful. Speaking of awful this run defense and it's been a big issue regarding the Cowboys lately. Melvin Gordon and Javonte Williams ran all over this defense. Games like this are why I can't trust the Cowboys too much. This team is poorly coached and is so unmotivated but keeps getting bailed out by talented players. That did not happen and they lost in this game and I would be very careful with the Cowboys especially when McCarthey is the head coach. Imagine how good this team would be if they had a competent head coach for once.

4. Baltimore Ravens vs Minnesota Vikings

This game was close and I was shocked that this game went to overtime. For Minnesota If they had good defense and a coach that did not have the game pass him by I think they would have won this game. The Vikings offense was excellent in this game. But it was not enough as the Ravens were coming off a bye week and were prepared in this game to beat the Vikings. It is still weird to see Le'Veon Bell score a touchdown as a Baltimore Raven. The Ravens are lucky to have the best kicker in football currently on their roster as he has bailed this team out three times this season. I got to say Baltimore next time please don't have Devonta Freeman as a pass blocker as he has been horrible for years at blocking cough cough Superbowl 51 cough cough. But Overall strong performances for both teams.

5. Miami Dolphins vs Houston Texans

Now that is a tank game where one team can truly win is to lose this game for the 1st overall pick. Wait I got to keep a post-it note that Miami’s first-round pick is Philadelphia Eagles property. I am not surprised at all that the Miami Dolphins won this game as they did not have much to lose here. I am shocked that Tua did not start due to his finger injury but was active in this game. Jacoby Brissett started this game and he was not that good in this game and made two terrible interceptions in this game. But Tyrod Taylor who also played this game had a poor performance as well. Miami's defense may be a big disappointment but they got a strong player in Jevon Holland who could be a player if they properly develop him. This mainly came down to who had the better coach and Brian Flores is a lot better than David Culley is as a Head Coach. Miami won this game but the Texans win in the long term as they will get a higher draft pick via breakdowns in the long term.

Trap Survivor Pick: Las Vegas Raiders at New York Giants

I am not surprised that the Giants won this game at all as the Raiders were dealing with two distractions, one involving Henry Ruggs sudden fall from grace and the other involving Damon Arnette. I was surprised how close this game was. Carr made some bad throws and had a fumble in this game. This defense was not that good in this game especially the pass-rushing not named Yannik Ngakoue. Speaking of pass-rushing, was Clelin Ferrell even on the field in this game? I barely saw him playing in this game. He has been a complete bust for the Raiders since Mike Mayock drafted him. The Giants came away with the victory in this game but I still don't know if Daniel Jones truly is the guy for the New York Giants. He did not have that strong of a game and only had 110 passing yards and threw a TD in this game


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