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TE — Hayden Hurst 7.44

Scout- Cody Manning

College: South Carolina

Height: 250 lbs

weight: 6'4"

40-Time: 4.67

Bench Press: N/A


Q.A.B. 7.50 His quickness and agility allows him to be moved around as a weapon.  Flexibility 7.50 He has loose hips that allow him to use his vision to his advantage.  C.O.D. 8.00 He showed with the ball in his hand that he can cut and move with ease.  Explosion 8.00 In an open field he can explode past a defense for a big play with speed.  Long Speed 8.00 He showed versus Missouri that he can take the top off a defense.

Receiving Skills

Quicks Off LOS 8.00 His initial burst allows him to get a first step on the defender.  Route Running 8.00 He has the ability to run most of the tree, he wins some battles w/ routes  Separation 7.00 In open space he can blow by linebackers, rarely gets it versus CBs.  Hands 7.50 He can make congested catches, rarely had a drop.  Yards After Contact 8.00 He looks to initiate contact so he can get the extra yards. He plays hard.  Ball Security 8.00 He keeps the ball high and tight, he runs like a running back at times.


In-Line Runs 7.00 He can be effective at creating lanes for runners, can stand up at times.  Motion Runs 7.00 His speed allows him to close space for the block, needs to drive more.  Blocking In Space 7.00 He is effective in screen blocking, needs to stick with it after contact.  Pass Blocking 6.50 He stands up to quickly, can get confused at times, needs some work.  Situational Awareness 7.50 He understands when he needs to have more drive to get the 1st or TD.


Toughness 7.50 He will bring it every play but needs to become more of a tougher blocker  Production 8.00 Solid production, could have been better, won battles, bad throws to him  Consistency/Motor 7.00 Needs to become more of a consistent blocker, he does work hard.


Instincts 7.00 Struggles picking up blitzes on pass protection, great vision as runner  Learn/Retain 7.00 He did show at times he may miss at times, but will fix his mistake.  Versatility 7.50 He was used all over, in slot, in the backfield, asked a lot from coaches.


He can be a versatile weapon for an offense at the next level. He can line up in the slot, base tight end position, and in the backfield. He has the ability to take handoffs, and

runs like a back with the ball in his hand. He can stretch defenses because of his speed.


He will need to become more of an effective blocker to be more of a combination tight end. If he doesn’t lock on, he can come in high, and lose the leverage battle. He sometimes he will only make contact and won’t drive.

Big Picture

He has the ability to come in and be a weapon for an offense his rookie year. If a team is looking for a tight end that can catch, and also run in their offense then they should consider Hayden for their offense . I believe he can come in and contribute in the passing game immediately. He will need to develop as a blocker to become more effective in the running game. He needs to get more drive in his blocks, and learn not to come in too high so he can win the leverage battle. Any team that likes to use screens would love him because he can get the job done opening up lanes on WR screen plays. I think he has the potential to serve as a quality tight end in the league, he could have a long career. I would take a chance on him in the late first round, or in the 2nd round. My comparison is Cameron Brate as I think he could be a red zone threat.



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