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TE — Troy Fumagalli 6.56

Scout- Cody Manning

College: Wisconsin

Height: 6'6"

Weight: 248 lbs

40-Time: 14

Bench Press: N/A


Q.A.B. 6.00 He has average quickness and isn’t the the most athletic tight end.  Flexibility 6.00 Doesn’t get much bend on his routes. Hips are tight when running routes.  C.O.D. 6.00 He slowly comes out of his cuts when he changes his direction.  Explosion 5.25 He isn’t explosive out of his stance, doesn’t help himself when blocking.  Long Speed 4.75 Doesn’t have the speed to stretch defenses. Struggles for separation.

Receiving Skills

Quicks Off LOS 5.25 He doesn’t come of the LOS fast, he is limited in this area.  Route Running 6.75 He is effective with his route running, finds holes to expose the defense.  Separation 6.00 He doesn’t get much separation when he is running his routes.  Hands 7.50 Snags majority of the balls thrown his way. Makes contested catches.  Yards After Contact 6.00 He doesn’t run through most tackles. He gets taken down easily.  Ball Security 7.50 Once he catches the ball, he keeps it high and tight. Didn’t see a fumble.


In-Line Runs 6.00 He will put his body on the defender but he fails at getting leverage.  Motion Runs 6.25 He comes down hard on the defender to help seal the lane for the runner.  Blocking In Space 5.75 He finds the defender but his pad level is high so they get push vs him.  Pass Blocking 6.00 He understands his assignment but can get bull rushed into the QB.  Situational Awareness 6.5 Reads the defenders well and can adjust to make sure he gets the block


Toughness 7.25 He does compete every play, puts his body on blocks, fights for balls.  Production 7.75 He was consistent with his production from his freshman to senior year.  Consistency/Motor 7.50 Consistent performer, does his job, and understands his role.


Instincts 7.00 He does a great job at feeling out the defenses to exposing holes.  Learn/Retain 6.75 Shows on tape that he can read the linebackers and adjust accordingly.  Versatility 7.50 He can lineup as a traditional TE, in the backfield, and in the slot.


He is very effective with his route running and knows how to make his cuts when needed. He feels out the defense and exposes them by finding holes for the quarterback. He catches the majority of contested balls thrown his way. Versatile for his position.


He struggles to gain any separation when he is running his routes. He also loses leverage most of the time when blocking so he gets shoved around easily. Plays with a high pad level so he is ineffective blocking at times.

Big Picture

Troy Fumagalli has the ability to be an effective tight end in two-tight end sets at the next level. He showed that he was a consistent performer that his offense could rely on. While he isn’t the most athletic tight end, he is effective with his route running and finds ways to get open for his quarterback. He won’t get much separation but he has the ability to make contested catches. Small cornerbacks struggled to battle against him for balls. He doesn’t get much push on his blocks but he understands his assignments and will put his body on the defender. I think he can come in as a rookie and contribute as the 2nd or 3rd tight end on the depth chart while being a part of special teams. By his third season he could develop into a starting tight end for a team but won’t be a star at the position. I think he should be a day three pick for a team somewhere in the 5th-6th round range.



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