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The Chicago Bears Hot Seat

Photo Courtesy of the Chicago Tribune

Written by: John Stocco

Twitter: @realJohnStocco

The Bears lost. I said it in my last article that whoever walked out of the Bears and Chargers game on Sunday was going to walk out facing some consequences. What are those consequences? Being sellers at the trade deadline. The Bears have to be realistic here. They’re 3-4, in one of the best divisions in football, in a conference that is so stacked that the Vikings at 6-2 or the Rams at 5-3 might be the second Wild Card team. It’s over, and it’s time to start planning on the 2020 season. The Bears' number one goal is to admit that it went wrong and that they screwed up by picking the wrong guy. The Bears cannot think that this core group of players, especially on offense, can win a championship in this league. It went horribly wrong and the Bears have to fix the mess that they made. It starts today by getting rid of some key players that will help add to our draft capital. The Bears currently have 6 draft picks, and they’re missing a pick in the first round. The Bears must add to that if they want to make a splash in the NFL Draft as they’re on the pursuit of finding another franchise quarterback.

Leonard Floyd.

This is a tough pill to swallow. The Bears have a tough decision to make with Leonard Floyd. I’m not saying he sucks, but will he be worth the $11-14 million the Bears will eventually have to pay him annually if they decide to extend him at the end of the season? I’m sorry but that’s a no for me dog. The Bears have to test his market. Don’t sell him for cheap, because the bottom line is he’s a solid player. He’s decent in coverage, and he makes a presence in stopping the run, but as the salary cap gets tighter, and if the Bears are changing plans at quarterback, the Bears cannot afford to keep him on the team. It’s not a move the Bears will want to make but it’s a move that the Bears will have to make.

Charles Leno Jr.

Another player that can help out more than enough teams, and another player that will bring some good value in return. For one, it sheds money off the books, and two I just don’t want Charles Leno on this team anymore. Sorry if that’s harsh or a little too real for you, but I’m done seeing Leno get slower every year, and take the dumbest penalties at the worst time every time. Trent Williams will gain more attention, but if Washington is too stubborn and won’t budge from their asking price, a team like the Cleveland Browns could look at the Bears and offer a fair deal for Charles Leno who’s under contract for two more seasons, with a team option in 2022. A desperate team could jump, and that could benefit the Bears greatly.

Haha Clinton-Dix

It’s not that Haha Clinton-Dix has been terrible, it’s just that HaHa hasn’t had the impact the way that I thought he would have when the Bears signed him. Clinton-Dix is on a one year contract and he’s good enough to walk into any playoff-contending locker room and make their defense better. It gives the Bears the chance to get a late-round draft pick in return for someone who they probably won’t bring back anyways, and it gives the Bears the chance to see who they have in Deon Bush. Bush is good enough to start, let’s see what he can bring to the table as a starter before it’s time to extend him.

Taylor Gabriel

Patriots are still in the receiver market, and honestly I can’t think of a better receiver for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Gabriel is under contract for two more seasons, with a dead cap of $2 million. It gives the Patriots protection and a triple threat in the receiving game, the running game, and special teams. Gabriel can make plays after the catch and can play inside and outside on any offense. As their offensive line is hurting to stay healthy, the Patriots will need Brady to get rid of the football quicker than ever, and Gabriel is quick enough to get to his destination and make plays after the catch.

Trey Burton

If there’s a general manager out there that will take him and give up anything more than a 6th round pick, first I would like to say thank you, and second I would like to get them drug tested. To each its own. Trey Burton isn’t producing as the Bears would like, and he’s taking up a roster spot at this point. The Bears need to upgrade their entire tight end room, and as Burton is labeled the number one tight end of the group, the Bears need to look towards another direction and find options somewhere else.

I don’t want any of these players traded. Well, maybe one or two, but it’s what needs to happen. The Bears have not produced. They were crowned before they won anything and their arrogance caught up with them. It’s time to take a step back, dial it back, and retool this roster on both sides of the field.



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