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The Great Overlooking of Bryce Love

Photo by Matt Cashore, USA Today Sports

Written by: Cody Shackelford

Think about being on top of the world, like Leonardo DiCaprio shouting “I'm the king of the world” from the front of the Titanic kind of feeling. And the next thing you know, you find yourself freezing to death on the side of a grandmaster door in negative degree water with a one night stand to remember you by. I'm sure that's exactly how running back Bryce Love feels after suffering a season-ending knee injury in his last college game of the year tearing his ACL. The young man went from being a 1st-round draft prospect and a top-3 favorite to win the Heisman trophy to possibly falling to the fourth round and maybe even undrafted, according to some “experts.”

Let’s be clear, we are talking about a guy who averaged seven yards a carry going in the third round of this draft at best or later. Keep in mind that Emmitt Smith, Bo Jackson, and Todd Gurley, three of the best to ever touch the field, never did that. Meanwhile, he did all that while backing Christian McCaffrey for a year, and if anyone had him in fantasy last year, you know what “RUN CMC” did on the field.

Bryce Love set a record at Stanford for having 15 straight games with a carry of 30 yards or more. He's an explosive violent runner with blazing speed and great ability to get to the edge and outrun the secondary. Some say his size is an issue, but I'd rather have Bryce Love in my backfield as a running back then Kyler Murray at QB. Plus, as a fourth-rounder compared to the number 1 overall pick in Murray, he's just as much of a big play guy and a game changer with an A+ grade in professionalism.

Anyone who drafts this guy is getting not only a steal but an all-around player who approaches the game with the passion and confidence of a true winner. If you’re a dynasty league fantasy guy, pick him up late and watch him flourish over the years. In my eyes, this man has the potential to be as good as Saquon Barkley and has all the intangibles to be a Hall of Famer if given the chance to heal right and earn his spot. At the Scouting Combine, he met with two teams (Eagles and Bills), and both franchises had nothing but good things to say about his professionalism, his football knowledge, and overall love of the game.

I personally can't say enough about this guy, The kid had over 2,000 rushing yards and 19 rushing TDs, both being school records, in his junior year. When he's ready, look out because he is going be a cannonball shot out of space. If your team picks this guy, be excited as he has all the talents of a 3-down back when healthy and is seriously being overlooked by everyone in the league. Mark my words: his first full year of play will be unforgettable and possibly record-breaking.



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