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The Greatest/Worst Moments in Seahawks History

Photo by Brad Penner, USA Today Sports

Written By: Peter Vandeventer | @PeteVandeventer

The NFL is celebrating its 100th year, and to celebrate I've already done my top 100 Seahawks of all-time, so logically it's time to look at the best/worst moments in ‘hawks football.

From being brought into the league, winning (and losing) SBs, and all the fun *stuff* in between, it's time to look at the moments that make up our Seahawks memories. Now, my plan is to make the happiest Seahawk memories even more memorable by including the worst moments in Seahawks history so stick with me.

5. The ‘Boz’ gets ran over by Bo Jackson

The day was November 30, 1987 and the Seahawks hosted The Raiders for Monday Night Football. This was Bo Jackson’s rookie year and Bo knew just how to make an impression with the league; Bo finished the game with 221 yards rushing and 3 TDs. One of his TDs being the run that practically ended Brian Bosworth career along with his bad shoulders. The Seahawks had spent a first rounder on Boz and he was the sports first millionaire and the Seahawks wanted to get all they could from him and that cost him his career.

4. Matt Hasselback’s “we’ll take the ball and we’re gonna score”

The most infamous display of arrogance i've ever seen in sports is probably also the funniest thing that ive ever seen happen on a football field. This is simply the greatest “C’mon man” moment of all-time.

The Seahawks and Packers went to overtime during the 2004 wildcard playoff matchup in Green Bay. In the most amazing turn of events ever, Matt Hasselback calls his shot when the Seahawks won the toss that they will “take the ball and we’re gonna score.” Not too long after, Matt throws a pick-6 to end the game. Looking back, the Seahawks and Packers have some of the most memorable sporting moments in recent memories and this certainly is a major reason for that.

3. Super Bowl loss to the Steelers

As a Seahawks fan, this was my first real experience with football and is the furthest back memory that I can recall of actually watching a Seahawks game. The year was 2006 and the Seahawks faced off against the Steelers in Detroit. The game had a lot of extremely questionable calls *cough* *cough* Big Ben rushing TD *cough* *cough* but I won't get into that. Any SB loss is difficult but it's really difficult when your team never recovered from it and it definitely wasn't the last time the Seahawks failed to recover from a heartbreaking SB loss.

2. Seahawks nearly move to LA

I had a hard time deciding where exactly to put this on the list, because the Seahawks never moved thanks to Paul Allen so it could easily go in the “best moments” section. But the darkest hour in Seahawks history was February 2nd, 1996 (10 years before SB XL) when then-owner, Ken Behring, finalized his plan to move the team to Los Angeles. Ken shut down team operations in Seattle and started the pack to go south for the winter (and the foreseeable future), but Paul Allen stepped in at the last moment to save the team and its future in Seattle.

I am not lying when I say this, Paul Allen is the greatest Seahawk member of all time (player or not) cause he did what no one else was willing to do (as you can see with the Sonics move to OKC). Mr. Allen is the greatest owner you could ask for and gave players a platform over the years that allowed them to thrive on and off the field and it truly makes me sad that he is no longer with us. Yesterday (10/15/19) marks the 1-year anniversary of Paul Allen’s passing and I’m glad to inform Paul that his team is performing well and is looking the part of a playoff bound team, still. Thank You Paul

1. Malcolm Butler intercepts Russell Wilson

This is the worst moment in Seahawks histo-- correction, this is the worst moment is SB history. The Seahawks were setting up to win back-to-back SBs and made attempts to put an end to the Patriot dynasty once and for all. But the truth is the Seahawks “dynasty” was ended as they never really were able to comeback from that moment. Players like Richard Sherman and Michael Bennett became more vocal about play calling issues, which they rightfully should, and ended up growing to a point that required new scenery for a lot of players involved. The Seahawks never really recovered from this moment and will always be a “what-if” for all Seahawk fans around.

This was so bad to a point that I was selectively mute for a few days after the loss, and you can ask my family if you need proof.

5. Seahawks 2012 draft class

Photo by: Bettina Hansen | The Seattle Times

Well won’t you look at that, the 2012 draft class that was grade as a ‘C-’ by Mel Kipper Jr.

created two HoFers in Bobby Wagner and Russell Wilson as well as many other key role players. Every team hopes to hit big on draft day, and the Seahawks did that, the Seahawks picked Bobby Wagner and Russell Wilson on day 2 and every team has tried to replicate that success ever since. The 2012 draft class set up the Seahawks future and it would undoubtedly be different if the Seahawks didn't land neither of their future HoFers.

4. Seahawks comeback win against the Packers

Photo by: Joe Nicholson | USA Today

Ok, hypothetically close your eyes and imagine along with me…

The Seahawks host the Packers for the NFC championship game. In this game, Russell Wilson throws 4 interceptions, and score zero points in the first half. Russell is sacked 5x and had a QBR of 26.

Now you can open your eyes. And guess what, the Seahawks actually won that game. Everything that could go wrong went wrong for the Seahawks that game, dropped passes leading to turnovers, stagnant offense, and poor play calling. But the Seahawks found a way to win, the game spoke to the culture of the Seahawks and the “never quit” attitude that is synonymous with the team. Crazy to think that one week you would get Wilson crying on TV and Michael Bennett riding around the field on a police bike with joy and then two weeks later we had the implosion of the Seahawks team. Crazy how quickly everything can change.

3. Marshawn Lynch’s seismic run against the Saints

The greatest play in Seahawks history came against the defending SB champions, New Orleans Saints, in 2011. Marshawn Lynch, powered by skittles, rumbled 67 yards down the field to break the Saints defense, mentally and physically. This play was so crazy that Qwest Field actually set off a nearby seismograph that started the legend of Marshawn Lynch. Who would've thought that the first team with a losing record to go to the playoffs would beat the defending champs, but it happened!!

2. Malcolm Smith interception against the 49ers to go to SB XLVIII

In all honesty, the Seahawks v 49er rivalry of the early 2010s were so iconic. Iconic to a level that the NFC championship game of 2014 was the SB in the eyes of everyone involved. They were the two most physical teams in the NFL and it's crazy that the world got to experience them playing each other 3x in 2014. Its sad that this game signified the end of the rivalry and the 49ers became the sleeping giant of the NFC West. The moment that Richard Sherman tipped the pass and Malcolm Smith caught the pass was a moment of pure euphoria for the organization and signified their return to the promise land with their new regime under Pete and Russ behind the legendary LOB.

1. Seahawks beat the Broncos

Photo by: Eduardo Munoz | Reuters

To no real surprise, the Seahawks sole SB win came in as the greatest moment in Seahawks history. But it's true, if your sports team has never beat down another team in the championship game than you wouldnt understand the joy, it's indescribable. You take the safety to start the game, Kam Chancellor hit, to Percy’s return, to Malcolm’s pick-6, it was a complete beat down. All the hype going into the game about the historical offense of Denver made the win even better, and proves the ideological belief that “defense wins championships.” This game solidifies the 2013-14 Seahawks place in history and that defenses name among the stars besides the names of the Steel Curtain, Monsters of the Midway, the 2000 Ravens defense, and many more.

As a member of the NFL, the Seahawks have had their fair share of great moments and moments that make you question your allegiance to the team, but that's OK!! Cause this is football and we all can comprehend the struggle of a last second loss or the joy of a shutout victory. But personally, I hope that the Seahawks have more of the latter than the former… for at least the next few years.



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