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The Miami Dolphins Have Failed Tua Tagovailoa

Image Credit: (Rich Storry/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick Linkedin:

Twitter: @nicholasmullick

I am writing this article moments after I finished watching the Miami Dolphins vs Cincinnati Bengals game. I got to be honest after what transpired in this game, I did something I have not done since the 2018 NFC Championship game, I turned off the game. Which I never like to do as I am a diehard Football fan and it is my favorite sport. I am always tuned into a game whether it is on the radio, TV, streaming, or tracking the game on websites. But after what happened to Tua Tagovailoa in this game, I was heartbroken and disgusted.

So before we head to yesterday's game, let's take a look at the game last week against the Buffalo Bills. Where Tua suffered a tremendous hit and clearly was injured. The footage of that aftermath of the hit is shown below.

He clearly was experiencing concussion-like symptoms and should have been taken out of that game. Well the Miami Dolphins did not take him out of that game. In fact he was diagnosed with a back injury and the Dolphins continued to play him throughout that game. Rewatching that game, you can tell Tua was hurt and was still experiencing concussion-like symptoms. He should not have even continued playing that game and it triggered an investigation regarding how the Dolphins handled Tua’s concussion testing.

Entering this game Tua was still labeled having a back injury. Which he could have easily hurt as well, but It makes no sense that the Dolphins did not put him in concussion protocol. Especially as he had symptoms 4 days ago and it was clear Tua is not 100%. Even if he passed the concussion tests, which I highly doubt the Dolphins did properly, he should have been held out for precautionary reasons. So Tua was the starter against the Bengals, but was decent so far in that game.

However then the mid second quarter came and Tua took a terrible hit that I will show down below.

Just looking at how his hands and fingers were after that hit, it was clear that Tua had severe Nerve and Brain Damage. I was just so angry and there were many that saw this coming from a mile away. I even said in my spread picks article that “ was clear Tua was dealing with concussion symptoms and if it were me he should not play” Tua should not have even touched the field in this game, but Miami just allowed him to go on the field after showing he had a concussion. It was terrifying seeing Tua leave on that stretcher.

Now good news came as the Miami Dolphins tweeted below,

That is great news that Tua is going to be okay, but there is no denying that tonight the Miami Dolphins failed Tua Tagovailoa. What happens next, well I would be shocked if the Dolphins get off scot free here. The Dolphins organization is likely going to get punished for this severely once the NFLPA investigation is done and over with. There is definitely a form of punishment coming whether it is a fine, loss of draft picks, suspensions on the medical staff, or all of the above.

As for Tua, I am not so sure what happens to him next. Is this the end of his career, I am not sure and that is a decision for Tua himself to make. But I wish Tua a speedy recovery as keep in mind life is more important than football. This needs to be a wake up call not only to the Miami Dolphins, but to the NFL as a whole.


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