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The Stunning Cut: K Ryan Santoso

Image Credit: (Nathan Ray Seebeck/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick Linkedin:

Twitter: @nicholasmullick

Welcome to another article in my writing series that I call The Stunning Cut. This is a series where I look at cuts in the preseason or in the regular season that stunned many when the news was released. Like I said in my Darqueze Dennard article I am going to focus on the more recent cuts that are going on now. So, with today being the deadline where teams have to cut their rosters from 85 to 80 players, there are going to be a lot of tough decisions that are going to be made. Sometimes these cuts can be both surprising and unsurprising when the names are revealed. The Jacksonville Jaguars are my second favorite team in the NFL and I always keep up with there roster. As of today when I read the Jaguars cuts that were revealed there was one that I was absolutely stunned seeing. That player’s name is Ryan Santoso and while he has been a journeyman in the NFL, he looked to have made the Jaguars roster.

Who is Ryan Santoso?

Ryan Santoso is a kicker who unsurprisingly went undrafted in the 2018 NFL Draft. I say unsurprisingly because special teamers usually go undrafted in the NFL Draft. Special teamers in my opinion should only be drafted in the 7th, maybe the 6th round of the draft. But luckily for Santoso he signed with the Detroit Lions but was on and off their squad. So he made his mark in the CFL with the Montreal Alouettes, but only lasted a month with the team. He would sign with the Tennessee Titans practice squad but was not on the team for long. Montreal did bring him back in the CFL, but the pandemic hit and it resulted in the 2020 season being canceled. Luckily for Santoso he would still be a part of a roster with the New York Giants on the team's practice squad.. The Giants would eventually trade Santoso to the Carolina Panthers for a 7th round draft pick, but would only play in one game and was released. Santoso would once again jump on and off the Titans roster for most of the 2021 season. Santoso would actually reunite with the Detroit Lions in 2021 due to Austin Seilbert being placed on the Covid-19 list. He would actually kick for 3 games with the Lions and he made 2 of 3 field goals and 5 of 6 extra points. Luckily for Santoso he was on the Los Angeles Rams practice squad while the team won Super Bowl 56 and would actually get a superbowl ring. He would then sign with the Jacksonville Jaguars where he would battle for the kicker spot.

The Day Santoso Got Cut

Well unfortunately that would not be the case for Ryan Santoso as it was reported that the Jacksonville Jaguars in the effort to get this team from 85 to 80 players decided to part ways with him. This cut to me was absolutely stunning to me for two reasons. First is that I thought he was a shoe in after the Jags cut ties with Elliot Fry and Andrew Mevis. The second reason is that now the Jaguars do not have a kicker currently on their roster. I saw this cut and I was just shocked. I thought Santoso was doing a good job in his role. But how do you not have a kicker on the roster entering the 3rd preseason game? Are the Jaguars just going to go for two points every drive? I am not so sure and this is still a stunning move made by Jaguars GM Trent Baalke.

The Aftermath of Getting Cut/What could happen?

As of the time I am writing this, Ryan Santoso was just cut from the Jaguars and I am not so sure what happens next for him. Do I see him getting another opportunity to kick in the NFL? Absolutely, but it would not shock me if he either waits for an injury or a struggle at the kicker position to occur on another squad. Santoso could also take the USFL or XFL route when their seasons start in the spring. But I think one day Santoso will pop back up on an NFL roster or get another tryout in the NFL. I wish Santoso luck and that he gets another opportunity in the NFL.


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