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Top 10 Fantasy Football Sleepers for 2021

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Written By: Matt Di Domenico

Twitter: @didomenicomatt5

Fantasy Football drafts will be right around the corner before you know it. This is a list of the top 10 sleepers that you can draft to help you win your fantasy league in 2021. The players' rankings in this article are based on Yahoo! Sports which you can find here Fantasy football rankings: Get ready for your 2021 drafts ( While going through your draft, having these guys on your queue list may benefit your team greatly in September.

10. RB. Jamaal Williams (Ranked 113), Detroit Lions

Going from Aaron Jones' back-up in Green Bay that saw a decent number of reps during his time with the Packers earned Jamaal Williams a new contract with the Detroit Lions in the offseason. Williams ended his 2020 campaign with the Packers rushing for 505 yards with a total of 3 TDs. Williams will be serving as the Lions back-up to D’Andre Swift but expect Williams to get most of the goal line carries if Swift struggles. The Lions are a struggling ball club that is projected to struggle again in 2021. Selecting players on losing teams can be a tad too much at times and results can vary based on the player. If the price is right in larger fantasy leagues, then Williams would be a nice selection for a possible backup option.

9. WR. Mecole Hardman (Ranked 154), Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs lost WR Sammy Watkins to free agency and will look for third-year WR Mecole Hardman to have a bigger role in 2021. Fellow WR Demarcus Robinson is still on the roster with the Chiefs, but Hardman will look to get the early reps at WR2 for this offense. Hardman has shown in the past that he has explosive speed in the open field. Last season Hardman had 41 receptions for 560 yards and 4 TDs. Look for the Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy to get Hardman involved more in this offense in 2021. Plays like end arounds, jet sweeps, and bubble screens could be ideal plays that are thrown Hardman’s way. This is a high-risk, high reward pick so do be reasonable about where you take Hardman in your fantasy draft.

8. WR. Laviska Shenault Jr. (Ranked 121), Jacksonville Jaguars

Last year as a rookie, wide receiver Laviska Shenault Jr. was able to show that he can be an explosive playmaker for the Jacksonville Jaguars in the future. Shenault Jr was able to have 58 receptions for 600 yards and had 5 TDs. All this production came with a revolving door at the QB position. Now that the Jaguars have their franchise QB in Trevor Lawrence to get the ball to these receivers, expect Shenault Jr. numbers to rise significantly. Shenault Jr. can be a dominant and trustworthy weapon for Lawrence to get the ball to. The only problem with selecting Shenault Jr. is that there are other talents in the receiving core like DJ Chark Jr. and Marvin Jones Jr. so Shenault Jr. will have to make the most out of the opportunities that are thrown his way.

7. WR. Michael Gallup (Ranked 119), Dallas Cowboys

This is one loaded wide receiving core for the Dallas Cowboys this coming season. QB Dak Prescott has to utilize this core greatly in 2021 for the Cowboys to have dominant success. Michael Gallup is/was a huge sleeper in the Cowboys’ offense last year. Gallup was able to see a share of targets and made somewhat of an impact for a struggling ball club. Gallup caught 59 balls for 843 receiving yards and 5 TDs. Keep in mind that Prescott was out for about half the year with a dislocated ankle. The Cowboys do have two other all-star receivers in CeeDee Lamb and Amari Cooper so Gallup must make the most out of the targets he does receive. Gallup would be an awesome WR3 or flex option for your fantasy team in 2021.

6. QB. Baker Mayfield (Ranked 125), Cleveland Browns

Even though the Cleveland Browns are a run-first-ball club, QB Baker Mayfield has the potential to have a very decent season in 2021. This is a QB that could be an ideal QB backup to help out your fantasy team. Mayfield looked much more relaxed in Kevin Stefanski’s offense as the year progressed in 2020. Mayfield was able to throw for 3,563 yards and have 26 passing TDs. If Mayfield is able to get that passing TD number up to at least 30 in this coming season, then this is some excellent value for the QB spot in 2021. What benefits Mayfield, even more, is he is getting Odell Beckham Jr. back from an ACL tear. More receiving weapons are only going to help this offense out even more. One thing Mayfield must not do however is trying to force passes to Beckham Jr. which he has done in the past.

5. WR. Darnell Mooney (Ranked 145), Chicago Bears

In 2020, rookie WR Darnell Mooney was able to show some flashes when he was able to haul in 61 receptions for a total of 631 yards and 4 TDs. Mooney put up these numbers with the constant QB rotation of Nick Foles and Mitchell Trubisky. Both those QBs are not presently on the Chicago Bears roster. Mooney will have the likes of rookie QB Justin Fields or veteran QB Andy Dalton throwing him the rock. If Fields or Dalton have good chemistry with Mooney, then expect a decent year for this Bears weapon. One action that Mooney was effective at was getting deep down the field at a high rate. If Mooney does that effectively in 2021 then this could be an excellent WR to have on your fantasy team.

4. TE. Mike Gesicki (Ranked 110), Miami Dolphins

One of the most underrated players in the entire NFL last year was Mike Gesicki. Gesicki is starting to make a name for himself and is going into his third NFL season with the Miami Dolphins. Gesicki is a crisp route runner and has outstanding hands for a TE. We all saw last year how great his hands are with some of the one-handed grabs he made. Last season Gesicki also caught a total of 53 balls for 703 yards and 6 TDs. Gesicki was even lined up at WR in some formations and made big-time plays for the Dolphins. I expect Gesicki’s numbers to rise even more with Tua Tagovailoa going into his second year as the Dolphins starting QB. Gesicki is going to be that security blanket for Tua a lot in 2021 and expect him to make even more big plays when his number is called.

3. WR. T.Y Hilton (Ranked 171), Indianapolis Colts

Here is where we still have a veteran player that will still be seeing a decent number of targets in 2021. This is a WR that is coming off a 56-reception season and in the process put up 762 receiving yards and 5 TDs. You can make an argument that Hilton is still the best receiver on the Indianapolis Colts roster as well. Many do think that the Colts will be a run-first offense like they were last season, but the addition of QB Carson Wentz will increase the percentage of deep ball passing that is attempted in this offense. Hilton will be most effective in play-action type of plays where he can make a sudden move on a defensive back in open space. This is incredible value for your fantasy team to have a depth player like Hilton.

2. TE. Robert Tonyan (Ranked 101), Green Bay Packers

Yes, we know what you are thinking... “There might be no Aaron Rodgers!” but Robert Tonyan was one of the best fantasy football TEs from last year. Even if Rodgers is not playing QB for the Green Bay Packers in 2021, expect Tonyan to get a decent number of targets still. Last year Tonyan was a matchup nightmare especially in the red zone for this Packers team. Additionally, Tonyan had 52 receptions for 586 receiving yards and 11 TDs. Having the likes of Dallas Goedert, Logan Thomas, and Tyler Higbee over Tonyan seems to be too rich for some people's liking. If Rodgers does play QB for the Packers this season, then Tonyan has the potential to be a top 5 fantasy TE. Do not be scared to select Tonyan because of the Rodgers situation.

1. WR. Mike Williams (Ranked 127), Los Angeles Chargers

Now, this is a guy that can simply be one of the best fantasy football WRs in the 2021 season. Mike Williams is a very talented wide receiver that has put up some solid numbers in his 4-year career so far. Now that the talented Justin Herbert is in play for the Los Angeles Chargers at QB, Williams should have a pretty solid campaign if he stays healthy. Last year Williams had 48 receptions for 756 yards and 5 TDs. Players like Brandin Cooks, Diontae Johnson, Corey Davis, and more are ranked higher than Williams which is ridiculous. Many see the Chargers as a breakout team this year and if they are, expect Williams to be a guy that has a breakout campaign. Williams will be a very effective WR3 or possibly a good WR2 for your fantasy football team this coming season.

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