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Top 10 Teams: Who Could sign Odell Beckham Jr. to a Contract

Image Credit: (Kyle Terada/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick Linkedin:

Twitter: @nicholasmullick

A few months ago, I wrote an article in regards to the Top 10 Teams: Who Odell Beckham Jr. will not sign with. Well with Odell Beckham getting healthier teams are already trying to bring him on to there roster. So I Thought I would give the Top 10 teams that could sign Odell Beckgam Jr to a contract.

10. Tennessee Titans

Do the Titans really have a true number 1 receiver on this team? No of course they don’t and it is kind of hurting this team. Yes Ryan Tanehill is on a decline and Malik Willis is clearly nowhere near ready, but adding a player like OBJ will definitely make them better. This could be the Titans last chance at getting to the SuperBowl and winning and adding Beckham will help them with that. Plus I really want to see King Henry and OBJ on the same team.

9. Los Angeles Rams

Yes I know that the Rams have had issues this season, but it makes sense as to why OBJ would want to go back. He knows the playbook and has a great connection with the locker room along with the coaching staff. I could see the Rams bringing him back to give Stafford another target to throw too. Plus maybe adding OBJ can help out with some of their problems on offense. It's a longshot, but it is a possibility.

8. Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings are still a very strange team this year. They seem legit, but are in a very weak division and have not been the most consistent team. The Vikings just need another piece on this offense. They got TE TJ Hockenson via the Trade deadline, but they really need another wide receiver behind Adam Thielen and Justin Jefferson. I don’t hate K.J Osborn, but he has not been great this season and Jalen Reagor is a scrub. Going back to my argument the Vikings need one last piece and that could be OBJ. Imagine him being added onto this offense is going to be very scary when it comes to playoff time.

7. Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins are clearly aiming for a chance at the Super Bowl this season. Especially when they bought at the trade deadline by acquiring RB Jeff Wilson and DE/EDGE Bradley Chubb. Their offense has been on fire lately, now what if Odell Beckham was added to this offense. My goodness that would increase the chance of them going to the Super Bowl. Plus I am pretty sure Beckham would be attracted to Florida having not state income tax so he can make even more money.

6. San Francisco 49ers

Excluding the injuries the 49ers are dealing with, when healthy this team is very scary. Now imagine if Odell Beckham Jr. decides to come and play with them. I am shaking with fear on this. Not only would signing OBJ help them win this division, but he could be the final piece on this stacked offense and finally get them to the Super Bowl and win this time.

5. Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs are on the list for sure as they still have plenty of talent to make a run at another superbowl. Plus Mahomes is still in his prime and should perform well barring an injury. However I still don’t think the Chiefs have a true number one receiver. Beckham could solve that as I doubt Toney is a true number 1 receiver. Plus the Chiefs are one of the favorites to be in the Super Bowl and that would definitely attract a ring chaser like OBJ.

4. Baltimore Ravens

Definitely a must for OBJ to consider the Baltimore Ravens due to the injuries going on with that team. Including WR Rashod Bateman and TE Mark Andrews who are the Ravens best receivers are out long term. Odell will get plenty of targets thrown his way if he signs with the Ravens and maybe OBJ can be a piece that helps Baltimore get to the SuperBowl.

3. Dallas Cowboys

Even though this is not the best spot to ringchase, I have to put Dallas on the list. Especially as his entire family grew up in Texas and are huge Cowboys fans. I guarantee you OBJ would love to play for that team and live a family dream. Plus knowing how the Cowboys have scouted him the past few weeks, this could become reality

2. Philadelphia Eagles

Definitely has to be on the list as the Eagles are one of if not the most complete team in the NFC. The Eagles as if now are the favorites to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. We all know Odell Beckham loves to ringchase and his chances of getting another one are higher if he is added to that stacked offense.

1. Buffalo Bills

It is a perfect location for Odell Beckham to play on and yet again be a ring chaser. After all, the Buffalo Bills are the most complete team in the NFL right now. Plus it has been known that Odell Beckham and Von Miller have been close with each other.

When a player like Von Miller is trying to recruit him and voice to the organization that they should bring him in, he is more than likely going to put the Bills high on his list as destinations to sign with.

Who do I think OBJ will sign with?

It is tough to say as I am not Odell Beckham. First off, No Odell Beckham will not be signing with the New York Giants as there is no way the organization should touch him after the way they both left the organization. Plus there building a real culture there and they would probably prefer not getting a distraction by bringing in OBJ. However, I really can't say with 100% on where I think OBJ will sign with. The question is whether he wants to fully ring chase, or sign with a team that will have to fight for a chance at the Super Bowl?


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