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Top 10 Teams: Who Odell Beckham Will NOT Sign With...

Image Credit: (Jason Getz/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick Linkedin:

Twitter: @nicholasmullick

With the NFL pre-season starting up in a few weeks there are teams that are trying to make last-minute additions for their teams. There are still a lot of talented players that have not signed with any teams. One of those players is wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. who if he did not get injured, was likely going to win Super Bowl 56 MVP. There are teams that could sign Beckham, but there are teams that he will absolutely not sign a contract with. In fact, to me, there are 10 teams that will not sign Beckham and I have listed them down below.

10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - If this was a week ago I probably would have put them as a team that could sign him. However, with the Bucs signing Julio Jones and how crowded that receiver core is I am not sure Beckham would have a ton of snaps. I mean maybe with injuries occurring, but I highly doubt that Tampa would want to take a chance on a locker room distraction after the whole Antonio Brown thing happened last season.

9. New York Jets - As a fan of this team, I’d love Odell to sign with the Jets, but I just don’t see it happening as the Jets already have a solid receiving core. I also think the Jets are not ready for a playoff push yet and will probably need another year to build the team. Beckham also probably does not want to return to New York as well.

8. Jacksonville Jaguars - The Jaguars need another year or two for them to compete. There are still a ton of unknowns and question marks regarding the Jaguars. I just don’t see Odell going to a team like the Jaguars who are trying to figure out who belongs, and who does not. At least Urban Meyer is no longer the head coach of Jacksonville and that is a plus no matter what.

7. Seattle Seahawks - The Seahawks are in full rebuild mode right now and have a solid receiver core already. They don’t need to add now as like the Jaguars there trying to see who belongs and who does not long term. Plus, I am pretty sure that Odell wants to go to a team that does not have scrubs at the QB position like Seattle does.

6. Chicago Bears - I have no clue what the Bears are even doing as they decided to blow it up at the wrong time. I just hope Justin Fields can impress after the Bears failed to support him this offseason. Yes, they acquired N’Keal Harry recently, but he has failed to impress with the Patriots. While Beckham signing with the Bears would easily give him the #1 receiver role on this team.

5. Atlanta Falcons - This team is tanking for a higher draft pick and they have one of the weakest rosters in the NFL today. I am pretty sure bringing in Beckham would not help with that goal, even though he would get a ton of snaps as the #1 receiver. I doubt Odell would want to waste a year of his prime as a Falcon.

4. Houston Texans - Nah, the Texans are still a mess right now and I still don’t know what their plan is. Are they contenders, mediocre, or tanking? I can’t answer that as of now, but I can tell you with the growing problems with this team, I am pretty sure they don’t want to bring in more problems by signing Beckham. I still wonder, why Jack Easterby is still a part of this organization though.

3. Washington Commanders - With the ongoing problems with ownership, it might be best for both Beckham and the Commander's organization to stay far away from each other. The Commanders don’t want any more controversies or locker room problems that have plagued this team for many years.

2. New York Giants - I doubt Beckham will ever come back to the Giants in his prime. He did not leave the organization on good terms when they traded him to Cleveland. Plus the Giants already have plenty of receivers on their team. Plus the Giants are not even close to being a playoff team and I think Beckham prefers to play for a playoff team.

1. Cleveland Browns - Yeah this is definitely a no. I can 100% say with no hesitation that Odell Beckham Jr. will never play with the Cleveland Browns ever again. I honestly think Odell Beckham would rather play at LSU than with the Cleveland Browns after the way he parted ways with the team. Bringing him in also will not make the fanbase or coaching staff happy at all.



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