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Top 100 Patriots of All Time

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Photo by Matthew Healey, UPI

Written by By Patrick Pryor


100: Julius Adams, DE

99: Alfonzo Dennard, CB

98: Billy Neighbors, RG

97: Fred Bruney, DB

96: Malcolm Mitchell, WR

95: Heath Evans, FB

94: Jabbar Gaffney, WR

93: Joe Thuney, C

92: Nate Solder, OT

91: Marv Cook, TE


90: Brandon Bolden, RB

89: Johnny Rembert, LB

88: Ben Watson, TE

87: Nate Ebner, S

86: Kyle Arrington, CB

In six years in Foxboro, Kyle Arrington hauled in 9 interceptions, leading the league with 7 in 2011. He also defended 48 passes and had 291 solo tackles. He was a solid player the entire way through, he stepped back in Super Bowl 49, allowing Malcolm Butler to step up and win it. However, he could always be counted on to make a play when it mattered.

85: Ryan Allen, P

84: Charley Long, OG

83: Brandon Meriweather, FS

82: Jim Lee Hunt, DT

81: Brandon Browner, CB


80: Sebastian Vollmer, OT

79: Logan Ryan, CB

78: Kyle Van Noy, LB

77: Babe Parilli, QB

76: Malcolm Butler, CB

75: Alan Branch, DT

74: Todd Collins, LB

73: Brandon Spikes, LB

72: Tom Addison, LB

71: Fred Marion, SS


70: Matthew Slater, Special Teams

Matt Slater can line up as a wide receiver when needed, but he is known for being one of the greatest special teams players of all time. He runs down on returns perfectly, blocks well, he’s got four first-team All-Pro’s, seven Pro-Bowls, and 3 rings. One of the most important pieces of the Patriots dynasty.

69: Chandler Jones, DE

68: Shane Vereen, RB

67: Brian Holloway, OT

66: Bob Dee, DE

65: Trey Flowers, DE

64: Tony Eason, QB

63: James Develin, FB

62: Houston Antwine, DT

61: Larry Eisenhauer, DE


60: Stephen Neal, OG

59: Stevan Ridley, RB

58: Benjarvus Green-Ellis

Benjarvus Green-Ellis played four years with the Patriots, and he was a bruiser. Undrafted out of Ole’ Miss, he put up 29 TDs while lining up next to Brady. To say he was reliable was an understatement. He would not fumble a single time during his New England career. A proven scorer who held onto the ball, he was critical to several playoff teams.

57: Jerod Mayo, LB

56: Russ Francis, TE

55: Legarrette Blount, RB

54: Tom Addison, LB

53: Patrick Chung, SS

52: Lawyer Milloy, SS

51: Mosi Tatupu, RB


50: Steve Grogan, QB

49: John Smith, K

Hailing from England, John Smith is known for waiting. Waiting for a snowplow to come out to clear a kicking spot for him in a 3-0 win over the Miami Dolphins. He also kicked 127 other field goals and 308 extra points in his 9 years. The fourth-leading scorer of all time for the Pats, behind other all-time greats Vinatieri, Gostowski, and Cappelletti, he’s earned this spot.

48: Steve Nelson, LB

47: Irving Fryar, WR

46: Ted Johnson, LB

45: Rob Ninkovinch, LB

44: Dan Koppen, C

43: Terry Glenn, WR

42: Curtis Martin, RB

41: Sam Cunningham, RB


40: Marcus Cannon, OT

After a heartbreaking AFCCG loss, people were calling for Cannon’s head, but with the help of Dante Scarnecchia, he’s transformed into an all-pro, and one of the best tackles in the NFL

39: Raymond Clayborn, CB

38: Asante Samuel, CB

37: Devin McCourty, FS

36: Mike Vrabel, LB

35: Drew Bledsoe, QB

34: Danny Amendola, WR

33: Tony Collins, RB

32: James White, RB

31: Troy Brown, WR


30: Leon Gray, LT

29: Ben Coates, TE

28: Troy Brown, WR

27: Matt Light, LT

26: Kevin Faulk, RB

25: Wes Welker, WR

Welker never managed to win a Super Bowl, but he was a key Patriot from 2007-2012. Going undrafted to signing with the Chargers, he made his way to New England from the Dolphins in exchange for a second and seventh-round pick. One of the most reliable Patriots to don the flying Elvis, Welker had over 100 receptions in five of his six seasons with New England. He leads the Patriots all-time in receptions, ahead of Troy Brown by 115 catches. Despite playing in Foxboro for just five seasons, Wes Welker goes down as one of the greatest Patriots of all time.

24: Vince Wilfork. DT

23: Corey Dillon, RB

22: Rodney Harrison, SS

21: Dont'a Hightower, LB


To be top twenty in the Patriots history is something else. It means your top twenty of a team that’s won 6 Super Bowls, been to 10, had the only 16-0 season, the greatest coach, the greatest player, one of the greatest tight ends. Every single one of these players helped make the franchise what it is.

20: John Morris, C

19: Randy Moss, WR

18: Jim Nance, RB

17: Stephen Gostowski, K

16: Julian Edelman, WR

15: Deion Branch, WR

14: Bruce Armstrong, OT

13: Gino Cappelletti, WR

12: Logan Mankins, LG

11: Teddy Bruschi, LB

10: Willie McGinest, LB

9: Adam Vinatieri, K

8: Richard Seymour, DL

7: Rob Gronkowski, TE

6: Ty Law, CB

5: Mike Haynes, CB

4: Stanley Morgan, WR

3: Andre Tippet, LB

2: John Hannah, LG

1: Tom Brady, QB



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