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Top 5 Biggest Questions for the Washington Commanders

Image Credit (Geoff White/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick Linkedin:

With Training Camp about to start for the NFL in a few weeks, there are questions that follow each team. Like I did with the Seahawks, I will be doing the Top 5 Biggest questions for every team heading into Training Camp. Next up is the Washington Commanders who originally had the 11th Overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, until they traded down in order to secure extra picks. They then held the 16th Overall selection in the 2022 NFL Draft.

1. What Carson Wentz are we going to see?

Carson Wentz’s career as a starting QB in the NFL is in big doubt after that disgraceful week 18 performance when he was an Indianapolis Colts. It was clear he was the man out and was lucky that the Commanders decided to overpay for him via a trade. Look I did not mind Washington getting a QB, but trading a lot of assets and not having the Colts pay a chunk of his contract is just ridiculous. This is Wentz's last chance as a starting QB in the NFL and I wonder what type of QB the Commanders will get with him. Is it going to be Injury Prone Wentz, Eagles Style Pre Torn ACL Wentz or Indianapolis Colts Wentz? The answer to this question will likely be answered at the end of the season.

2. What is the plan with RB Brian Robinson?

I still wonder why the Washington Commanders decided to select Brian Robinson in the 3rd round of the 2022 NFL Draft. They had much bigger needs and did not have to select Robinson. The running back core is also pretty stacked with Antonio Gibson, JD McKissic, and Jaret Patterson. Now I am not saying Robinson is a terrible prospect because there is a lot to like about him, but the team he was drafted to does not make sense. He should be a solid depth piece, but I wonder where Robinson is going to fit in this offense. Time will tell, but we will get this answer during the next few seasons

3. Can Curtis Samuel produce for this offense?

This is Curtis Samuel’s last chance as if he can’t stay healthy, or fails to produce, not only will he likely be playing for another team, but he will become a backup player. Samuel has shown flashes of him being a great receiver in the NFL. The big problem with Samuel is that he can barely stay healthy. You can have so much talent, but you can’t show it if you can’t get on the field. Even when healthy Samuel just did not look right in this offense. I think with his connections with head coach Ron Rivera and Executive vice president of football/player personnel Marty Hurney he should make the roster. Hopefully, he can stay healthy and have an impact on this team.

4. Can Jamin Davis take the next step in his development?

Washington had a disappointing season last year and a majority of their issues were on offense. There were two problems in regards to the Commander's defense. One problem I had on defense is how bad rookie linebacker Jamin Davis performed. Davis was a tackling machine last year, but he was a tremendous liability all season. Davis could have had more tackles, but he missed a ton of them and was terrible in coverage. Maybe in time, he will get better as he was raw coming into the league and it can take a few years to develop a prospect. It is a wait-and-see how Davis will perform, but as of now, he has not been a great selection.

5. Will there be a resolution to the whole Snyder situation?

I said this in the NFC East war room podcast, but I am honestly more interested in what happens to this team off the field than on it. Especially now that Congress is starting to get involved with Washington and that “damn good culture”. Along with that more and more allegations keep popping up including the fact that Snyder apparently has been using two books to track finances from the Commanders. Recently Snyder ​​has refused to accept the service of a subpoena that Congress issued. I want to know what the vote count is on whether the NFL will force Snyder to sell the team. This continues to drag on and I don’t see a resolution for this situation coming anytime soon. Snyder’s tenure as the owner of the Washington Commanders has been an absolute mess and I think it will get worse before it gets better.

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