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Top 5 Games of NFL Week 1

Photo by Eric Hartline, USA Today Sports

Written By Perry Griffith IV

Just one bare bones, lackluster preseason game stands between us and Week 1. Let’s daydream about some of the best games coming up.

Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles - Super Bowl Champs kickoff with a rematch against Divisional Round opponent

Thursday, September 6, 8:20 PM ET

Eagles fans will go nuts one more time for the pregame celebration of last year’s champs.Starting quarterback question marks for the game? Nothing unusual for the Eagles. After only scoring 10 points in their playoff game against the Eagles last season, the Falcons want to get off to a hot start with what should be a high-powered passing attack featuring Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Mohamed Sanu, and rookie Calvin Ridley. However, with a top 5 defense and hopefully a choice between the returning Carson Wentz and Super Bowl winner Nick Foles, it makes sense why Eagles wouldn’t be sweating things too much.

Jacksonville Jaguars at New York Giants - OBJ vs. Ramsey

Sunday, September 9, 1 PM ET

On the interwebs though, it’s #BatmanVsTheJoker. As the Joker once said: “And here… we… go.” There are some other cute little storylines like Saquon Barkley’s first game and “Are the Jags legit?” Odell Beckham Jr. going against the now established top-tier cornerback Jalen Ramsey is the real showstopper here though. Maybe it has the feel of a primetime heavyweight bout because of both players’ previous on-field brush-ups with other star players. OBJ can now literally be like the Joker sliding down a massive mound of money after signing his new contract extension. Ramsey’s already kicked of the bulletin board fodder with a tweet referring to the showdown, immediately following the announcement of OBJ’s signing. This is absolutely one of the biggest must-watches of Week 1, live from Gotham City.

San Francisco 49ers at Minnesota Vikings - Jimmy G’s undefeated streak vs. Cousins’ new team

Sunday, September 9, 1 PM ET

Could the Niners step up this year to compete for the NFC West? Jimmy Garoppolo’s 7-0 start to his career and the addition of former division rival Richard Sherman to their secondary has fans perhaps legitimately optimistic. Jimmy G’s attempt to go undefeated forever and ever will be challenged by the Vikings, last year’s top ranked defense. In Minnesota, they brought in the former franchise tag extraordinaire, Kirk Cousins. He has to be biting at the bit as he begins his best chance at a Super Bowl run so far in his career.

Houston Texans at New England Patriots - Deshaun Watson vs. Tom Brady

Sunday, September 9, 1 PM ET

You have what’s looking like a future star QB in Watson who will try to take down the GOAT... I suppose you could say it’s really JJ Watt trying to take down Tom Brady. Watson and the Texans played a surprisingly solid game at New England Week 3 of last season, losing in the final seconds, 36-33. Watson’s season-ending injury last year really crushed Texans fans’ high spirits invoked by his amazingly versatile play as a rookie. Will Watson pick up where he left off? Or has Belichick pieced together a better gameplan after facing Watson last season?

Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers - NFL’s oldest rivalry

Sunday, September 9, 8:20 PM ET

It gets brownie points for being a rivalry that goes back to the leather helmet days, but how will Mitch Trubisky fare starting his season in Green Bay, primetime on NBC? Yes, the Packers are big favorites to win this, but this start to the season on Sunday Night Football presents a big opportunity for Trubisky to make a statement in the NFC North and for his own confidence. Aaron Rodgers has also sparked some excitement with his new target, Jimmy Graham. Trubisky is likely wishing he could have a quarter of the receiving talent that Rodgers has.



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