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Top 5 Replacement Options for OT Mekhi Becton

Image Credit: (Bill Kostroun /New York Post)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick Linkedin:

Twitter: @nicholasmullick

When I heard Mekhi Becton went down with a knee injury on Monday, I thought it was the original injury as he had multiple setbacks from his MCL injury. Even Robert Saleh said that there was no panic about this injury. Well, that is no longer the case as it turns out Mekhi Becton suffered a more severe Patella and his knee cap. That absolutely sucks and I got to say, I doubt he plays this season. With how long it took for him to recover from his MCL injury and knowing how hard it is to recover from any patella injury, I don’t see any way he plays. His future with the Jets long-term is also in jeopardy. I wish Becton luck and a quick recovery. There are multiple options the Jets can take to replace him on the offensive line and I thought I would give the Top 5 options.

1. Duane Brown

Definitely have to put Brown on the list. Especially as he recently visited the New York Jets and was negotiating a contract. He may be 36 years old, but in the 203 games he has played, he has started every single one of them and performed very well. The Jets have a lot of exciting youth that are intriguing for the future and could use a veteran presence. With Becton hurt the Jets have a big hole at tackle and Brown would be a great suitable replacement for the short term.

2. Darryl Williams

This could be a win-win move by adding Williams. He would give the Jets intel on the Buffalo Bills as that was the team he was currently playing on. The best part is, that he mainly played right tackle, which is Becton’s position. Williams would be a great plug-in for the Jets and he will likely not cost a lot of money as he has surprisingly not signed with another team. I would be shocked if the Jets did not bring him in for an interview/visit for the position.

3. Brandon Shell

The Jets may have to reunite with a former player during the Bowles/Gase years and his name is Brandon Shell. Brandon Shell was a solid tackle with the New York Jets during his first few years in the league. He got better with time and showed what he can do when healthy. Shell has dealt with multiple different injuries including to his shoulder, knee, neck, and a concussion. Shell had time to heal up his injuries and should be ready to go for any team to sign him now. The Jets also need a right tackle and Shell played right tackle throughout his career, especially in Seattle. It would be kind of cool to see Shell back in a New York Jets uniform as he was a guy who did a lot better than I thought.

4. Teven Jenkins

It is clear the Chicago Bears are having second thoughts about selecting OT Teven Jenkins. With the injury concerns and off-the-field issues, the Bears may want to move on. Especially when Jenkins was even working with the third-stringers on the team at one point. But with Becton being injured, the Jets are absolutely players in acquiring a tackle. The Jets could take a chance by acquiring a former 2nd round pick who clearly needs a change of scenery. You know I could even see a trade where the Bears might take Denzel Mims off the Jets hands, as the Bears have wide receiver trouble. Mims is not working for the Jets, so maybe a trade can happen where both teams swap players.

5. Max Mitchell or Chuma Edoga

I would have originally stated Connor McDermott here, but he also is dealing with an ankle injury with no timetable of return. This brings a huge opportunity for Max Mitchell or Chuma Edoga. Of course, the Jets utilized a 4th round draft pick in the 2022 NFL Draft to select OT Max Mitchell. Mitchell has a big opportunity to get much-needed snaps at tackle which could help boost his development. If he impresses, then the Jets hit a home run with that pick. But the Jets could always go with Chuma Edoga who when healthy is a very solid blocker. The problem with him is of course he struggles to stay healthy. Both could be intriguing options if Joe Douglas decides to trust the current depth on the team.

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