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Top 5 Trade Destinations for OT Teven Jenkins

Image Credit: (Kamil Krzaczynski/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick Linkedin:

Twitter: @nicholasmullick

Ok, I am now super lost on what the Chicago Bears are doing now. For some reason, the Bears decided to blow up the entire team, make strange selections in the 2022 NFL Draft, and now have listened to trade offers regarding OT Teven Jenkins who they in the 2021 NFL Draft used a second-round pick on. While I was on my way home from work, I listened on the radio and heard that the Bears were listening to offers from other teams regarding a trade for him. When I heard this I legit shouted “Why’’ Look I get there are maturity concerns regarding Jenkins, however for a guy coming off back surgery and dealing with a coaching staff that should have been fired a year ago, he looked solid the games he played. But let's be real, he is probably the best option that this team has at offensive tackle. I mean maybe Riley Reiff if he is healthy, but he is not the answer long-term. Trading Jenkins would be bad for Justin Fields as the Bears did next to nothing to help build this o-line and help protect him. But this is not a good look at all as the Bears even trade up for Jenkins. There are multiple teams I can see acquiring Jenkins, but there are 5 teams I see the most likely to acquire Jenkins.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers are aiming for another Superbowl title. Especially with Tom Brady coming back from retirement and he is not getting any younger. The Buccaneers need help on the offensive line, especially on the interior. Jenkins in college had snaps at guard as well as tackle and acquiring Jenkins would be a great addition when fixing that o-line who lost both starting guards in free agency and their center due to injury. It would be a smart idea for the Buccaneers to acquire Jenkins and put him in at guard.

4. Los Angeles Rams

With Andrew Whitworth’s retirement last season the Rams desperately need help at blindside tackle. Acquiring Jenkins would be a very good get for the Los Angeles Rams. The Rams currently have 8.6 million dollars which is solid now but keep in mind when they start signing more players to long-term contracts, money will get tight. Luckily, Jenkins luckily has 3 years left on his contract. So the Rams can easily make it work with him. Plus we all know that the Rams could care less for high to mid-draft picks and would be willing to acquire players for draft picks. Acquiring Jenkins can help boost their offensive line and protect Matthew Stafford.

3. Arizona Cardinals

Arizona finally solved their issue at QB by signing Kyler Murray to a new contract and got rid of that homework clause in his contract. But now that Arizona has locked him in for the long term, it is time for the Cardinals to invest in the offensive line in the short and long term. On my Top 5 Biggest questions about the Arizona Cardinals article and on the NFC West War Room podcast on Blitzalytics youtube channel (Please go subscribe to that channel if you have not) I said that excluding center Rodney Hudson, the Cardinals offensive line is not good. By acquiring Jenkins they can easily have an opportunity to fix it and get younger on the o-line at the same time.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers

It has been a few years since I have really had hype for the Pittsburgh Steelers. They have a fresh new QB starting for them either Kenny Pickett, Mitch Trubisky, or Mason Rudolph. They made some nice moves during the offseason, especially on the offensive line. But in my Top 5 Biggest questions article I asked about the Tackle position on this team as I am not sure if the Steelers have a great tackle, I mean maybe Chukwuma Okafor but I see him as more of a right tackle. The Steelers need to get a blindside tackle and I can see Jenkins being that guy. In the games he played last year he mainly played as a right tackle, but in college, he did play at left tackle. It is worth a shot acquiring Jenkins as he could be a part of this team long-term and a solid blocker to help protect whoever the QB will be in week 1.

1. Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta is absolutely on the list for acquiring Jenkins. Yes, I know offensive tackle is not the biggest need for the Falcons. In fact, there are probably 10 more big needs for Atlanta, but there is one man that is a part of this organization that is connected to Jenkins. His name is Ryan Pace who was the former GM of the Chicago Bears and was the guy who made the move to trade up in order to select Teven Jenkins. Ryan Pace is now the Senior Personnel Executive with the Atlanta Falcons and Pace is absolutely going to push GM Terry Fontenot to acquire Jenkins’s services. The Falcons are in a rebuild and Jenkins can be a part of this team long-term.

Now the question is: Do I believe the Bears will trade Teven Jenkins?

From the looks of it, I would not be surprised if this deal gets done in a few weeks. Keep in mind that Jenkins is dealing with an injury and has not been practicing too much in training camp. I think teams want to wait and see if Jenkins’s injury gets cleared up as to how severe it is. It is clear that the Bears and Jenkins are likely going to part ways somehow.

What do I believe Teven Jenkins trade value is?

It is going to be interesting what the Bears value Jenkins trade value-wise, but I think the Bears should get at least a 4th round pick for Jenkins. I can even see a pick upgrade for Jenkins as well as Jenkins is still in his prime at 24 and has 3 years left on his contract. Yes, there is risk with this deal with his back injury and maturity issues. The reward for this risk is big though and it is definitely something to keep an eye on.

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