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Trade Destinations for QB Derek Carr (2023)

(Image Credit: Kirby Lee/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick

Twitter: @NicholasMullick

It has been coming for about a month now, but it is pretty much a given that Derek Carr will not be on the Raiders in the 2023 season. Carr basically confirmed it with this social media post.

The best quarterback this franchise has had since Rich Gannon is now gone. One of the big what ifs when speaking about the Raiders to me is, What if the Raiders nailed the head coach during Carr’s entire career? Let's be real Carr has never really had a head coach that was truly behind him excluding Rich Bisaccia. I mean maybe you can say Jon Gruden, but he should have never been hired as the head coach to begin with.

With Carr gone it is going to be interesting to see what they can get for him via a trade when they can and I can see 5 teams where Carr could get traded too.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers are an interesting one for sure. Especially as there are a ton of rumors that Brady may not come back to play with the Buccaneers next season and still want to play football. As the Raiders are trying to copy the Patriots, a big way to do that for them is to get Brady and one way to do that is by shipping Derek Carr to Tampa in a trade involving Tom Brady. The Bucs would need a replacement QB and I would rather have Carr (Declining or not) then Blaine Gabbert and Kyle Trask. This only has a chance of happening if Brady leaves though.

4. Tennessee Titans

The Titans have to go on the list. Especially as I don’t think the Titans have a franchise QB to win now. Ryan Tannehill had an ankle injury almost all season and even when healthy has suffered massive levels of regression. Malik Willis is super raw as a prospect and it is super concerning that the trust was so low on him that the Titans decided to bring in Josh Dobbs to start at QB. If Mike Vrabel wants to save his job next season he needs to not only make the playoffs, but have a deep playoff push

3. Washington Commanders

Do you really think the Commanders truly have a franchise QB on this team? To me I think it is obvious that they don’t. Carson Wentz is obviously not the guy and he is pretty much done as a starting QB in the NFL. With how he performed, I am not so sure he even gets signed on a team next season. Taylor Henicke who has had a great story is a mediocre QB. He is not a terrible option, but not great either. Sam Howell is an intriguing prospect who they took in the 5th round and he was alright against the Cowboys in Week 18. I am not going to say good as he was playing against backups, but he was not embarrassing which is a plus. As of now though it looks like Howell is the favorite being the QB1 for the Commanders

As for that above, I will believe it when I see it when it comes to who the QB 1 is. The Commanders could do what they can to acquire Carr as Rivera needs to make the playoffs to save his Job.

2. Houston Texans

Look I am a Davis Mills fan and I think he has been solid in his role. Especially with the yearly changes of a head coach, but it is clear he is not the franchise QB long term for the Texans. I would say the Texans are likely taking a QB in the 2023 NFL Draft, but I am not so sure about that. They failed to secure the 1st Overall Pick in their loss against the Indianapolis Colts and with Chicago almost more likely than not trading the 1st Overall Pick for a premium offer the Texans won’t get their choice of Bryce Young. I am not so sure they can get CJ Stroud as he has yet to declare for the 2023 NFL Draft.

Even if Stroud declares or if the Texans draft Will Levis, they are going to need a veteran QB that can help guide them in their first season. Carr can be that guy and easily improve their offense. Plus remember his brother David played for the Texans and maybe Derek would want to play for the same team his brother was on.

1. New York Jets

Hands down the number one spot on the list. The Jets are a QB and maybe a coach away from competing. I thought I was sold on Saleh at one point in the season, but I am back to being unsure about him. One thing the Jets absolutely need is a QB as this team would have made the playoffs if they had a good QB. I still feel like Mike White is that guy, but he played injured last season. I never want to see Joe Flacco anywhere near a New York Jets uniform ever again. I respect everything he has done in football as a Raven, but he stinks now and him starting reminds me so much of the Gase years. Zach Wilson like I said is pretty much done here and I don’t see how he comes back after last season. Derek Carr makes so much sense as the Jets have the picks/players to make a trade happen.

Now the question is: Do I believe the Raiders will trade Derek Carr?

It is either trade him or cut him. That is pretty much the answer to the question above.

What do I believe Derek Carr’s trade value is?

It is a bit difficult as looking at his contract below it will be difficult to have a taker of his contract.

However for this one I have three ways his value can go. If the Raiders eat a portion of his salary I can see Carr going for a Day 2 pick and maybe a 1st rounder if teams get desperate. If the Raiders don’t eat his salary I can see them getting a day 3 pick for him. Maybe a 2nd day pick if they add a late round pick to the deal. The Third way is in an Osweiler Effect move, but I highly doubt the Raiders want to do that unless they want to get out of multiple bad contracts.

One thing is for sure, wherever he plays next season is going to be super strange not seeing him in a black and silver uniform.


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