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Trade Destinations for QB Jimmy Garoppolo

Image Credit: (Steve Roberts/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick Linkedin:

Twitter: @nicholasmullick

There are many players in the NFL where a trade seems imminent to happen. Like in the case of N’Keal Harry it was no longer an if, but when he was going to get traded. Many would agree with me that the same would be said about Jimmy Garoppolo. At any moment Garoppolo could be traded to a new team because the 49ers are starting to transition Trey Lance as the full-time starting QB. Plus they would get a ton of salary relief trading Garoppolo to a new team. So I thought to myself, who are the top trading destinations for Jimmy Garoppolo?

Now before we get into this Top 5 I have omitted two teams and they are the Seattle Seahawks and Cleveland Browns. Of course, the 49ers would not trade Garoppolo to a division rival. Plus I think the 49ers would like to not face Jimmy G twice a year and would rather face either Drew Lock or Geno Smith. Cleveland basically admitted that they were not interested and we still have no information regarding Watson’s suspension yet. Plus the Browns are more interested in having Jacoby Brissett as the starter while Watson is suspended.

5. Indianapolis Colts

This one is probably a long shot, but it kind of makes sense. The Indianapolis Colts have not had consistent QB play since Andrew Luck was the quarterback. I am not so sure Matt Ryan will perform the way he did in Atlanta, and if he fails to impress the Colts will once again be looking for another QB. The Colts are a QB away from a playoff appearance, and if they fail to do so then there will be coaches and possibly executives looking for new jobs next season. They could get desperate and acquire Garoppolo to ensure that does not happen if Matt Ryan continues to show regression.

4. Detroit Lions

I am very high on the Detroit Lions this season. But let's be real, Jared Goff is not the long-term QB for the Lions. He is only here due to his awful contract and it would surprise me if the Lions brought him back once his contract expires. If Goff struggles or gets injured, then the Lions could make a trade acquiring Garoppolo so that they can still compete for a playoff spot. The Lions may only have 9 million dollars in cap space, but they can afford to acquire a proven QB

3. Atlanta Falcons

I mean Atlanta is definitely on the list as they are currently tanking the season to help with their rebuild. Acquiring Garoppolo would give a boost to their rebuild and when they are done paying the dead cap salary to some of their players, they can easily re-sign him to a new contract. Atlanta has 11.9 million dollars in cap space, but it would not shock me if the 49ers retained his salary just to get something for him now, then losing him for nothing.

2. Houston Texans

I still have no idea what the Texans are even doing. But the one question is at the QB position. I mean Davis Mills last season showed a ton of promise, but he is going to need to have another impressive year to give confidence in the organization that he is the guy at QB. The Texans no question could use a backup QB as Kyle Allen has not been the same since his ankle injury and Jeff Driskel is a dependable backup, but is not a great player. The Texans currently have 4.7 million dollars in cap space, but the Texans can get the 49ers to take on part of his contract, or make early cuts to afford him before the pre-season begins.

1. New York Giants

I keep saying this many times discussing the New York Giants when talking about the QB position. I really don’t know about Daniel Jones, he shows flashes that he could be something if he is coached right. But if Jones continues to struggle, then the Giants will have to find a new QB, because I doubt Tyrod is the guy as well. He can’t stay healthy and is not the most consistent. I can see the Giants swing for the fences in acquiring Garoppolo as with an upgrade at QB could have the Giants as a sleeper to win this division.

Now the question is: Do I believe the 49ers will trade Jimmy Garoppolo?

I will try to keep this short and simple. It's not an if, but when Garoppolo gets traded at this point. I think that it is more likely he gets traded during the Trade Deadline. Mainly as they want a backup plan just in case Trey Lance has not developed as planned yet or if a team is desperate due to an injury.

What do I believe Garoppolo’s trade value is?

This is a tough one for me as it is going to depend on how desperate a team will be when in negotiation for a trade. But if a trade were to be made down. I can see Garoppolo being traded for a 3rd round selection and maybe a late-round pick as well. I see a 3rd round choice mainly due to how large Garoppolo's contract is this year, but it will be interesting with when he gets traded and what the 49ers will receive.


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