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Trade Destinations for QB Mason Rudolph

Image Credit: (Kirby Lee/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick Linkedin:

Twitter: @nicholasmullick

With this being the final week of the preseason, this is players last chance to showcase that they belong in the NFL. Sometimes the writing is on the wall when a player’s time with a team is coming to an end soon. It sort of feels like that with Pittsburgh Steelers QB Mason Rudolph. It is clear that Rudolph is not going to be the QB long term with the Steelers drafting Kenny Pickett. Trubisky is not going anywhere as he was signed to a two year deal in the offseason and we will see if competent coaching will make him a better player. Yes, I will still take the L of wanting the Steelers to fire Mike Tomlin years ago. But this got me thinking about potential destinations Rudolph could be traded to as news came out that the Steelers have received calls regarding Rudolph.

5. Minnesota Vikings

This one is a bit of a longshot as they just recently acquired Nick Mullens (Still an awesome name because it sounds so similar to mine) via trade. But the pick they traded to the Raiders is a conditional pick and if Mullens gets cut then the pick doesn’t transfer. But the Vikings really need a backup as Mannon and Mond have not impressed. I can see the Vikings acquiring Rudolph if Mullens struggles, so they can get a dependable option behind Kirk Cousins. Then again is Kirk Cousins really that dependable in primetime? Why did the Vikings give him another fully guaranteed extension again?

4. San Francisco 49ers

When Jimmy Garroppolo gets traded or released, do you really trust Nate Sudfield or Brock Purdy as the backup? I don’t know if I would as Sudfield and Purdy were inconsistent during the preseason. Rudolph may be a more dependable option for the 49ers after both had a bad performance against the Houston Texans.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I don’t know what the heck went on when Brady was on that hiatus, but luckily he has returned to the Buccaneers. But I have to say, I am not so sure if I can trust the current backups in Tampa Bay. I am shocked Blaine Gabbert is still in the league and I got to say Kyle Trask is terrible. I was not a big fan of him coming out of college, and those concerns turned out to be true. When the day Brady finally retires, I don’t see Gabbert or Trask as the guy. With a change of scenery maybe Rudolph can be the guy and be a dependable option while Brady is still a Buccaneer.

2. Los Angeles Rams

With Matthew Stafford being diagnosed with a tendonitis issue, the Rams are on the list. Look, Stafford is one of the toughest players I have ever seen play in the NFL, but the tendonitis issue could be an issue both long and short term. One thing the Rams need to do is get a dependable backup. Now John Wolford is not terrible, but he as well has had durability issues (including a recent thumb injury) and he has not impressed. Acquiring Rudolph would be an upgrade at the backup position and we all know that the Rams could not care about draft picks and they would be willing to trade a late round pick for him.

1. Seattle Seahawks

Of course whenever there is a QB on the market, the Seattle Seahawks have to be on the list. I mean it is clear Geno Smith is not the guy long term and Drew Lock like I keep saying is a scrub. Maybe with a change of scenery Rudolph can be a solid QB in Pete Carroll’s system. I mean it makes sense as this season for Seattle is going to be a rough one as they are tanking. It is worth a shot taking a risk acquiring Rudolph who showed flashes during his time in Pittsburgh.

Now the question is: Do I believe the Steelers will trade Mason Rudolph?

I think that they have to, unless they want to lose him for nothing next week. There are two things that teams look for in a backup QB, including how experienced and dependable the player is. Despite Rudolph’s value not being where it was seasons ago, I still think that he is a dependable option for teams in the NFL. He certainly has the experience teams want. It is clear that Rudolph is not in Pittsburgh’s plan long term, when they drafted Kenny Pickett. So absolutely the Steeelers should trade Rudolph.

What do I believe Mason Rudolph’s value is?

This one was a bit of a tough one, as on one hand I can see going for a late round pick (6th or 7th Round), but on the other hand I could see him going for a mid round pick (5th or 4th round). It all depends on if there will be a bidding war for his services. Rudolph is definitely a name to watch out for when it comes to final cut day and trade reports.

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