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Trade Destinations for RB Marlon Mack

(Image credit Kevin Hickey/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick

Now I have been on record saying that the Colts would be Buyers during the Trade Deadline. But a name that has recently been growing in trade negotiations is Running Back Marlon Mack. Marlon Mack's time with the Colts was done when the team drafted Jonathan Taylor in the 2020 NFL Draft and then Mack suffered a Torn Achilles. It also did not help that Nyheim Hines had continued to improve and became the full-time 3rd down back. Even Jordan Wilkins has been listed above the depth chart in some games. Marlon Mack was an extremely good player in 2018 and 2019. In 2018 he had 908 rushing yards and 9 rushing touchdowns. In 2019 he had 1,091 rushing yards and 8 rushing touchdowns. Now Mack does have some durability concerns like I mentioned earlier with his Torn Achilles but Mack is a solid Buy Low candidate and he only has 1 million dollars guaranteed in his contract and a 2 million dollar cap hit. I have listed 5 teams that could acquire Marlon Mack during the upcoming trade deadline.

Honorable Mention. Carolina Panthers - The Panthers was a team that had reportedly shown interest in Marlon Mack. When I heard the Panthers mentioned I knew McCaffery’s injury is a lot worse than originally thought. I like Chuba Hubbard and I think he will be a solid running back, but this offense has not been the same since McCaffrey went down with an injury. Now Hubbard’s backup was Royce Freeman who was a 3rd round pick and busted when he was with the Broncos. I can see Carolina making a move on Mack but I doubt that he gets traded to Carolina. Especially as there are other teams that desperately need running back help.

5. New Orleans Saints - The Saints are an interesting team mentioned to have an interest in acquiring Marlon Mack. It makes sense as the Saints are currently in a cap crunch as they currently have 1.1 million dollars with their salary cap. It will be enough if they acquire Marlon Mack as his contract is guaranteed at 1 million dollars. Even though his cap hit is at 2 million dollars I can see the Saints renting Mack for the season. I like Alvin Kamara but man his backups are not good at all. If Kamara gets injured then they will not be able to utilize the running backs. They need to get more experience running backs in that backfield and I can see the Saints Buying low on Marlon Mack.

4. San Francisco 49ers - The 49ers don’t surprise me that they have interest in Marlon Mack as their backfield is a bit of a mess. I am not surprised to hear them be mentioned as a team to acquire more running back depth. Especially as the 49ers don’t have an experienced running back and it never hurts to buy low on a player that is not expensive. The 49ers have the cap space as they currently have around 3.3 million dollars in cap space so they can afford to acquire Marlon Mack and his contract.

3. Cleveland Browns - In my Buyers, Avoiders, or Sellers article in the AFC North I labeled the Browns as avoiders and to wait until they get healthy. Turns out both Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt’s injuries could potentially be long-term. Kareem Hunt has already been placed on IR and who knows if and when Nick Chubb will be ready to go. The current Browns starting running back is D’Ernest Johnson who I have a lot of hope for will be good vs Denver but his backups are not good. If Johnson also struggles then the Browns will be in trouble when it comes to their running backs. I can absolutely see the Browns Buying low on Marlon Mack and utilizing Mack until Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt are healthy.

2. Kansas City Chiefs - This was another team that I was intrigued by and had an interest in Marlon Mack. It makes sense as the Chiefs won’t have Clyde Edwards-Helaire as he suffered a knee injury and will be out for multiple weeks. The Chiefs current running backs are Darrel Williams and Jerick McKinnon. Both have struggled in the last few games of the season. The Chiefs offense has struggled all seasons and since Clyde Edwards-Helaire’s injury happened this just added to a lot of their problems on offense. The Chiefs are in win-now mode and are going to need every player to step up if they want to make another Super Bowl. My question is Do the Chiefs really need to acquire a running back when their big needs are at defense?

1. Cincinnati Bengals - The Bengals are a team many are not mentioning as a destination for Mack to go to but it makes a lot of sense. Excluding Joe Mixon, this backfield is a complete trainwreck. Samaje Perine is not good and is currently on the Covid list and Chris Evans was not good in the snaps he has been given. Evans has also been dealing with a hamstring injury as well. If Mixon goes down with an injury the Bengals offense will lose a tremendous piece in their backfield and possibly their entire running game. They need to get some insurance in the backfield and I can see the Bengals trading for Marlon Mack to get more depth at running back. They have the cap space as according to Spotrac they currently have 9.5 million dollars in cap space (10th in the league). They can afford Marlon Mack’s cap hit and his contract.


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