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Trade Destinations for WR Denzel Mims

Image Credit: (Vincent Carchietta/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick Linkedin:

Twitter: @nicholasmullick

Well, the time has come as WR Denzel Mims has finally requested a trade from the New York Jets. I mean what is there really to say about Mims requesting a trade from the Jets. Mims has been a bust from the 2020 NFL Draft. I got to be honest, Joe Douglas has had some great moments as the General Manager of the New York Jets, but the 2020 NFL Draft has been a disaster. I did a regrade of that draft and excluding Braden Mann and maybe Bryce Hall, this draft has been a flop. I will always respect Mekhi Becton, but he can’t stay healthy. Mims for obvious reasons is a bust. Ashtyn Davis is terrible and has been a waste of the 3rd round selection this team got in the Leonard Williams trade. Jabari Zuniga has not worked out and has been missing a large chunk of regular season games. La’Mical Perine has been a disappointment and he is on the roster bubble as well. QB James Morgan was an absolute waste of a 4th round selection. OT Cameron Clark I give a pass on as he suffered a career ending neck injury which still stinks to this day. But yeah the 2020 class has been terrible for the Jets. As for Mims there was promise in him, but he sort of fell into the Chris Herndon trap where he was able to hide behind the if he is ever healthy he is a weapon, well last year he was healthy and well he stinks. I am shocked that it took Mims this long to request a trade, but making this move to me confirms that he is not making this roster. Robert Saleh and Joe Douglas can say he is talented and valuable, but come on trying to market him to get something for him rather than losing him for nothing. So with Mims requesting a trade I thought of a few destinations for Mims to get traded to.

5. Indianapolis Colts

The Colts need to make the playoffs this season because if they don’t then there will be many in that organization and the coaching staff that will be looking for jobs next season. So they need to do what they can to get there. On offense excluding Michael Pittman and maybe Alec Pierce (If he develops well). The Colts don’t have a ton of depth/options at receiver. Acquiring Mims could help with that and surround QB Matt Ryan with another receiver to throw to.

4. Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore could absolutely use another wide receiver on their team. Excluding Rashod Bateman, the Ravens really don’t have a solid receiver on their team. We will see how Demarcus Robinson will do in this system and if Devin Duvernay can live up to the hype and perform well on offense. But the Ravens could utilize Mims on offense and they're going to need as much talent as they can with the Ravens being in the AFC North.

3. Atlanta Falcons

Except for Drake London the Falcons really don’t have much talent at wide receiver. I mean maybe I would take a flier on Bryan Edwards, but he has not impressed throughout his time in the NFL. Olamide Zacchaeus has promise, but to me is more of a special teams player. The Falcons have to surround Marcus Mariota or Desmond Ridder with receivers. I know that they are tanking this season, but Mims could be worth a shot as he is young, a former 2nd round pick, and could be a solid part on this offense.

2. Chicago Bears

The Bears wide receiver room is probably the worst core in the NFL today. The Bears need to surround QB Justin Fields with receivers and maybe with a change of scenery along with more snaps, Mims can be the guy that could be a big contributor. Plus with the Bears, blowing it up he could be a long term piece to this team if he performs well.

1. Carolina Panthers

The Panthers are absolutely number one on the trade destinations. It is because Matt Rhule and Mims have a close relationship when they were both at Baylor. I think no question the Panthers will do what they can to get Mims on this team as he will know Rhule’s offensive system. With a change of scenery and reuniting with Robby Anderson and Sam Darnold, he could finally break out with them.

Now the question is: Do I believe the Jets will trade Denzel Mims?

Yes. Either that or cut him. Mims has been a bust since being drafted by the New York Jets in the 2nd Round of the 2020 NFL Draft. Just get something for him rather than losing him for nothing.

What do I believe Mims’s value is?

Definitely a late round pick. But Joe Douglas is known to get more value for players in trades. If he does it again with Mims then I will be very impressed. It would not surprise me as well if Mims was traded in a player for player type of deal. It will be interesting how New York Jets GM Joe Douglas handles Mims, but I doubt Mims will be on the Jets roster.

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