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Trade Destinations for WR Preston Williams

Image Credit: (Jonathan Dyer /USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick LinkedIn:

Twitter: @nicholasmullick

Many teams will be starting to play in the preseason in a few days. During this time, teams will be figuring out who belongs on the team and who does not. However, what many don’t realize is that the preseason is also a time for players to audition for jobs if they get cut or build for teams to acquire them via trade. One player who might be doing this is WR Preston Williams who was once hyped as a potential star receiver for the Dolphins. However, multiple injuries and a change in the coaching staff have not helped Williams' case. It has gotten to the point where the Dolphins have had discussions about a trade involving Williams. So this got me thinking of potential destinations for Williams and I have listed the Top 5 options where he could get traded to.

5. Chicago Bears

Acquiring N’Keal Harry has not gone to plan and now there is a report that his ankle injury is a severe injury that might take him out of the season. The Bears' wide receiver core is garbage as is and they need to get more receivers on this team. This is what happened when the Bears decided to blow it up and go cheap when building around Justin Fields. I really hope he can have a good season because the Bears are not helping Fields at all.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers

Might be a long shot, but this could be a sleeper team to acquire Preston Williams. Especially as Williams had his best seasons when Brian Flores was the head coach for the Miami Dolphins. I can see Flores putting in a good word about Williams to Mike Tomlin and the team gives him another chance with the Steelers. He could be another solid target for either Trubisky, Rudolph, or Pickett to throw to.

3. Baltimore Ravens

I am going to ask now, without looking it up, excluding Rashod Bateman, name me another wide receiver on this team. Exactly, you can’t. Williams may be a buy-low option as he has been a bit of an injury bug, but there is a ton of potential and reward that could be gained by acquiring him. It never hurts to give Lamar Jackson another receiver to throw the ball to as well.

2. Indianapolis Colts

I am surprised the Colts still have not added a veteran receiver on their team as except for Michael Pittman I don’t really trust the rest of the receivers on the team. I mean maybe Alec Pierce, but he is a rookie and who knows how quickly he can develop. But if the Colts want to save jobs, they have to make the playoffs. I am not sure the Colts can do it with the current receiver core. Adding Williams could help strengthen that core and give more targets for QB Matt Ryan to throw the ball to.

1. Atlanta Falcons

No matter what receiver is on the trading block, Atlanta has to be on the list. Excluding Drake London, the Falcons don’t have much talent at the wide receiver position. Williams has promise and while the Falcons are tanking, they can easily take chances on talent and Williams can easily be that guy as he is 25 years old and should have plenty of years of football if he can stay healthy.

Now the question is: Do I believe the Dolphins will trade WR Preston Williams?

It is either get some value for him now or lose him for nothing. I doubt Williams makes the roster with news of the Dolphins having trade talks with his name mentioned including Bowden. A change of scenery is needed for Williams and it is not working out with the change in coaching. But I will absolutely be watching this as Williams is likely a goner in Miami whether it is via trade or on final cut day.

What do I believe Preston Williams' value is?

Williams was once projected as a top receiver in Miami, but injuries have derailed what he was. I still think he is worth a 6th or 7th round pick as when healthy, Williams is a weapon. The risk is whether he can recapture it and stay healthy. Also, teams may want to wait until the final cut day as Miami could decide to just cut ties with Williams once the pre-season is over.



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