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Trade Grade: Baltimore Ravens trade S Chuck Clark to the New York Jets

Image Credit: (Nick Wass/Daily Press)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick

Twitter: @NicholasMullick

Well, everybody, the New York Jets finally made a trade. It has been hyped for a good bit of time now and it is time to reveal it. Wait, wrong script sorry. So the New York Jets decided to make a trade on the other side of the football. They have acquired S Chuck Clark from the Baltimore Ravens. The details of that trade are shown below.

Baltimore Ravens Acquire: 2024 7th Round Pick New York Jets Acquire: S Chuck Clark

Baltimore Ravens Side

Moving Chuck Clark should not come to a surprise to the Baltimore Ravens. After all, looking at the depth they had at safety, they could not keep everybody. I was a bit surprised that the Ravens kept him the moment they drafted S Kyle Hamilton in the 1st Round last year's draft. The main reason is that he is a locker room leader for the Ravens. Remember when the whole Earl Thomas situation happened and Chuck Clark got into a fight. The fact that the Ravens and the locker room was behind Chuck Clark was very telling.

The Ravens in making this move save around 4 million dollars in salary cap and they are going to need that money. Especially if they want to keep QB Lamar Jackson as they placed a non exclusive franchise tag on him.

Depending on the offer if they want to match it they're going to need as much salary cap as they can. If they want to keep him.

The 7th Round Pick they acquired was extra value to the deal as it grew the Ravens Draft Capital in 2024. Never hurts to stockpile picks whether it is early or late round picks.

New York Jets Side

The Jets have a lot of question marks that surround them. One of them is at the safety position and while it looks like the cornerback position has been sealed, they have not had a great safety since Marcus Maye left and the safeties were terrible last season. Chuck Clark could be an upgrade on that position. Clark could be another great leader on this young defense which is a plus.

Clark is also a versatile player and has almost played every position on defense.

The most underrated part of acquiring Clark is that he is extremely durable. Shoutout to Next Gen Stats as they tweeted below and I found out that Chuck Clark has played the most consecutive snaps on defense in the NFL today.

One of the greatest pieces of advice I was told by football coaches in college “The best ability in the sport of football is availability on and off the field.

This makes me amazed that the Jets only gave up a 7th round draft choice just to acquire Clark. I get he is 28 years old and has a year left on his contract, but he is worth more then that. Joe Douglas got a great deal here.

Grades for Chuck Clark Trade Baltimore Ravens - B+ New York Jets - A

Overall it is a win-win deal for both teams. I have to give the win of this trade to the Jets as they fill a need, did not have to give up a lot of value to get Clark, and the contract is reasonable. Baltimore does not lose either as they get a draft pick to help build the team and get more salary cap to help maybe re-sign QB Lamar Jackson. Overall this was a great move for both New York Jets GM Joe Douglas and Baltimore Ravens GM Eric DeCosta. Hopefully this move works out for both teams both in the short and long term.


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