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Trade Grade: Indianapolis Colts Trade CB Stephon Gilmore to the Dallas Cowboys

Image Credit: (Michelle Pemberton/IndyStar)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick


Twitter: @NicholasMullick

Again, I am a little late grading this deal, however I feel like it would be wrong for me to analyze this type of deal. Especially as it involves CB Stephon Gilmore who was a fantastic cornerback during his time with the Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots. However with his notable decline he is not the same player that he was years ago bouncing around teams. Now he is on the move again as the Indianapolis Colts have made a move to trade him to the Dallas Cowboys and the details of that trade are down below.

Dallas Cowboys Acquire: CB Stephon Gilmore

Indianapolis Colts Acquire: 2023 5th Round Pick (176th Overall)

Dallas Cowboys Side

Ok I want to ask a question for you guys before we start. Before acquiring Gilmore, excluding Trevon Diggs, name me another great cornerback that played for Dallas last season? Exactly you can’t. I thought it was going to be Kelvin Joseph as I was high on him when he came in the league, but he has been a big disappointment for the past few seasons.

Dallas’s defense was good last season, but they needed to upgrade that secondary and Gilmore is a clear upgrade. However, let's be real Gilmore is turning 33 in September and is clearly past his prime. He could suffer more regression with the Cowboys and be a much worse player than he has been with the Carolina Panthers along with the Indianapolis Colts.

For a late 5th round pick though it is well worth the risk taking a shot on Gilmore and if he can show that he has plenty left in the tank, then this trade is going to be a steal for them. To me the risk in doing this deal is definitely worth the reward, with little punishment if this backfired. Worse for worse he only has one year left on his deal and they can just let him go at the end of the season. The Cowboys who are in win now mode and acquiring Gilmore could help with that.

Indianapolis Colts Side

The Colts are another team that had to blow it up with how disappointing last season was. Honestly, they kind of should have done it a year ago, but looking back I understand why they did not do it until last season. With the Colts now in full blown rebuild mode, it was clear that Gilmore was not going to be a part of this team long term as he is past his prime and was not going to fit the new system. So they shipped him off, cleared cap space, and got an extra draft pick. While it is more of a 6th round pick then a 5th round pick as the selection they got is a compensatory pick, it is still extra draft capital. The more draft capital that you have, the better. They even cleared cap space, which is going to be a big help to their rebuild.

Not bad indianapolis, but I wonder who the Colts will get to replace him as Gilmore was there most talented cornerback on the roster

Grades for Stephon Gilmore Trade Dallas Cowboys: B

Indianapolis Colts: B

Win-win deal for both teams, but I am going to give both teams the same grade. The Colts win, getting much needed cap space and a draft pick to help rebuild their team. The Cowboys win by buying low on a talented cornerback and they get much needed secondary help with Gilmore. I can’t grade any side higher in my opinion, so both get B’s. Overall, this is a great move by Indianapolis Colts GM Chris Ballard, and Dallas Cowboys GM/Owner Jerry Jones.

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