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Trade Grade: Jacksonville Jaguars trade RB James Robinson to the New York Jets

Image Credit: (Trevor Ruszkowski/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick Linkedin:

Twitter: @nicholasmullick

Monday was a difficult day as a fan of the New York Jets. Not only did news come out that rookie RB Breece Hall suffered a Torn ACL, but OG Alijah Vera-Tucker is out for the season due to a Torn Triceps. Monday was a bad day as the Jets lost Two Pro Bowl players on offense. While the Jets beating the Broncos was great, it was bittersweet losing both of those guys. I guess nothing can put a smile on my face

Never mind this trade put a smile on my face. Why? Well the New York Jets and Jacksonville Jaguars are my favorite teams in the NFL. So no matter what I really can’t lose here and it is crazy to think that this is the first trade that both teams have ever made with each other ever. However this came to a surprise to many that Robinson was being traded. The details of the trade are listed down below.

Trade Details

Jets Acquire: RB James Robinson

Jaguars Acquire: A 2023 Conditional 6th Round Pick

The Conditions of that pick are down below.

New York Jets SIde

The Jets had no choice, but to make a move with Breece Hall’s season ending injury. They had to find his replacement and since the Trade Deadline is on November 1st, the Jets had to make a move on a player, before a team bids higher on a running back. There are plenty of running backs on the block including Kareem Hunt, Cam Akers, Melvin Gordon,and etc. So the Jets made a move on James Robinson who wasn’t officially on the trading block, but the signs were there (We Will get to that). For a 5th or 6th round pick it is definitely worth a shot in acquiring James Robinson.

This to me is more telling of the confidence that they have in Michael Carter. I think Michael Carter is a great running back, but it seems like the Jets don’t view him as a consistent every down back. Plus Ty Johnson and Zonavan “Bam” Knight are not the best options to have as well in the backfield. So the Jets made a statement and made this trade show that it is Playoffs or bust for the Jets.

Jacksonville Jaguars Side

The Jaguars are my second favorite team and it looked like the Jaguars were a dark horse to win this division. Especially with the Colts and Titans struggling along with Houston’s incompetence (Less now that Easterby is gone). Making this move to be honest I am a bit lost with what the Jaguars are doing here. Look I don’t think Travis Etienne is awful and he has had a solid season, but the Jags really could use more help on offense and surround Trevor Lawrence with weapons. Plus the Jags don’t have a lot of depth at running back and I’m not confident Etienne's health will hold up. If Etienne goes down then the Jags have no running game at all as JaMycal Hasty is terrible and Snoop Connor has done next to nothing this year. How is this going to help Trevor Lawrence?

I was not shocked Robinson was traded through. I kind of knew something fishy was going on when he got no carries at all last week against the New York Giants. He was not on the injury report at all as well which was telling to me. I legit said to one of my classmates that either it was a coaching decision/hidden rule violation or Robinson is going to get traded soon. Turns out I was right regarding Robinson being on the move.

Another thing is that not only did they trade Robinson, but they did it for pennies on the dollar. The Jaguars could have easily gotten more value for Robinson as he has been solid for the snaps Robinson was given. I was legit going to do a trade destinations article and I thought Robinson was going to go for a 3rd/4th round pick or multiple late round picks. I guess the Jags just wanted to get rid of him, but Robinson is 24 and still has plenty more years of football. Yes last year he tore his achilles, but his performance so far this season has been solid.

Grades for James Robinson Trade

New York Jets: A+

Jacksonville Jaguars: D

No brainer here as the Jets easily win this trade. They got a low risk - high reward option at running back and did not have to give up a lot of draft capital to get him. Fun Fact the pick was given up is the selection the Jets got in the Blake Cashman trade. So if the conditions of the pick are not met, then the Jets basically traded LB Blake Cashman for RB James Robinson. The Jaguars made a very strange move and the only reason why it is not a HACKENBERG or D- trade is that it seems the Jags did not want Robinson on the team and at least they got something for him now, then losing him for nothing. Overall fantastic move by New York Jets GM Joe Douglas and intriguing move by Jacksonville Jaguars GM Trent Baalke. Hopefully the trade works out for both sides.

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