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Trade Grade: Kansas City Chiefs trade CB Rashad Fenton to the Atlanta Falcons

Image Credit: (Matthew EmmonsUSA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick Linkedin:

Twitter: @nicholasmullick

When people think of trades going on during the deadline, they expect moves to be a blockbuster one, especially if it occurs at the last minute. The next trade is not a blockbuster move, but it is definitely an intriguing move to make. This is the second trade made by the Atlanta Falcons during the trade deadline. It involves CB Rashad Fenton who the Falcons acquired via trade against the Kansas City Chiefs. The details of that trade are down below.

Atlanta Falcons Acquire: CB Rashad Fenton Kansas City Chiefs Acquire: 2023 7th Round Pick

Kansas City Chiefs Side

Fenton was a very underrated part of the Chiefs defense in 2021. However when looking at the 2022 season, he has been a liability this season. He was playing so poorly that he got benched and was mainly playing on special teams. Plus the fanbase is happier with him being benched as a lot of the fanbase soured on Fenton with his performances lately Especially with when he poorly covered Davante Adams earlier this season and just look at one poor play he had on defense.

Yeah when he makes poor coverage plays like that, it was clear that the Chiefs no longer had plans both in the short and long term with Fenton. So why not get him for something now, then lose him for nothing. Luckily, the Chiefs got a last minute taker with the Atlanta Falcons. To get a draft pick for a player that they were barely playing on defense, is a pretty nice late minute deal to make. Especially as the Chiefs also save around 1.4 million dollars trading Fenton away which is a plus with the cap crunch they are in.

Atlanta Falcons Side

This is going to be the Casey Hayward replacement on defense as it looks like Hayward is not going to play the rest of the season due to a shoulder injury. AJ Terrell, the best corner on the team and arguably the best corner in the NFC, is also dealing with a Hamstring injury and who knows when he will be back. Especially as Hamstrings linger and it is hard to predict when or if AJ Terrell will be 100% this season.

The Atlanta Falcons had to make a move to get more depth in the secondary, especially as they have a real chance to win the NFC South with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers struggling this season. The New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers may be wildcards, but they are unlikely to win the division with the latest moves made either via trades or injuries. So getting much needed help at the cornerback position was a must for the Falcons and the fact that they only gave up a late round pick for this deal to go through is not a bad move at all. It is a low risk, but high reward type of move.

Grades for Rashad Fenton Trade

Atlanta Falcons: A

Kansas City Chiefs: B+

Overall it is a win-win trade for both squads. I give the slight lean to the Atlanta Falcons as they did not have to sacrifice much draft capital to get much needed depth at a weak position on the team that is dealing with injuries. For the Chiefs they save around 1.4 million in cap space, and get a draft pick to help bolster the team. They even got rid of a player that they were not going to utilize in the future which is a plus. Overall great move by Atlanta Falcons GM Terry Fontenot and Kansas City Chiefs GM Brett Veach. Hopefully this works out for every party including CB Rashod Fenton.


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