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Trade Grade: Las Vegas Raiders trade DT Johnathan Hankins to the Dallas Cowboys

Image Credit: (Kirby Lee/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick Linkedin:

Twitter: @nicholasmullick

With the Trade Deadline on November 1st teams are going to start making moves to help their teams. On one side teams are trying to get depth on their team to help build their defense and have extra ammo for their playoff push and potentially grow their chance at winning a superbowl championship. On the other hand teams can get rid of players and get some value for him and help the team for the future. This trade involving defensive tackle Jonathan Hankins feels like that. The teams involved in the Jonathan Hankins trade are the Las Vegas Raiders who decided to trade him and the Dallas Cowboys are the team that acquired him in this deal. The details of this trade are down below.

Trade Details

Dallas Cowboys Acquire: DT Jonathan Hankins and 2024 7th Round Pick Las Vegas Raiders Acquire: 2023 6th Round Pick

Dallas Cowboys Side

The Dallas Cowboys are a lot better than what was originally thought and I will admit they have impressed me this season. Especially with how good their defense has been this season, especially with their pass rushing. The Cowboys run defense is not terrible, but there are definitely improvements that need to be made. The fact that the Cowboys decided to add on this defense to me is very telling. It is clear Dallas wants to get more depth as their goal is a deep playoff push and I don’t blame them with how well they have played this season. One way to ensure that is to get as much depth on their defense. I will say Hankins is a solid rotating piece that is going to mainly benefit against the run for the Cowboys. The Cowboys did not have to sacrifice much in order to acquire Hankins which is a big benefit. I don’t think that this is enough to get them in a deep playoff push as there are still concerns that surround this team. Mainly on coaching, but the Cowboys could use some more help on their team as a whole. Acquiring Hankins is a step in the right direction and a good plan as well if an injury occurs on the defensive line.

Las Vegas Raiders Side

This seems weird to some people as the Raiders defensive line was performing decently for the Raiders. However Hankins was a Jon Gruden guy and he is a poor fit in Patrick Graham defense. With the Raiders trying to distance themselves from Gruden, not being a great fit in Graham’s system, and Hankins turning 31 years old in March the signs of him being moved were there. Along with moving Hankins for the Raiders shows that the organization is trending towards restructuring the entire team in a rebuild. Knowing how former Patriot executives or coaches are, going to try and copycat Bill Belichick tactics. It 99% of the time does not work at all and like I said when McDaniels got hired I give it two years until he is out of a job. Hankins was not going to be here long term and it is best to get some value for him then lose him for nothing. Especially as his contract expires at the end of the season. Hankins will be missed as a solid run stopper on this team. But I think it was best for Hankins to part ways as he will have a bit of a bigger role on the Cowboys roster, then he would as a Raider.

Grades for Jonathan Hankins trade

Dallas Cowboys B+ Las Vegas Raiders C

This is definitely a win-win trade for both teams, but I think Dallas gets the higher grade here. They get a nice rotational player on defense and Hankins is solid depth for them to have on defense. As for the Raiders, while a bit questionable to get rid of Hankins, I do not blame them for getting rid of an aging player like Hankins for a pick upgrade. This season so far has not gone to plan and the Raiders may want to retool this team and I don’t think the Raiders are finished making deals in the upcoming trade deadline. Overall great move by Dallas Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones and interesting move by Las Vegas Raiders GM Dave Ziegler. Hopefully the move works out for all parties involved in the deal not only for both teams, but for Johnathan Hankins.

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