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Trade Grade: LB Kenny Young

(Image credit Robert Hanashiro/USA TODAY Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick

Like I said in my trade grade for CJ Henderson anything can happen in the NFL if it is on the field with an upset or off the field with a transaction made by the team. As the trade deadline is coming closer and closer teams are looking to make moves to improve their team and their salary cap. Some may be a blockbuster trade but other trades are not. This is an example as recent news came out of a trade involving Los Angeles Rams Linebacker Kenny Young.

Los Angeles Rams trade LB Kenny Young and a 2024 7th round pick to the Denver Broncos in exchange for a 2024 6th round pick.

Before we get into this trade I will provide a little background on Linebacker Kenny Young. Young was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in the 2018 NFL Draft in the 4th round 122nd overall. Young had flashes as a Baltimore Ravens during his rookie year but was traded to the LA Rams with a 2020 5th round pick in exchange for CB Marcus Peters. The Trade was labeled as a salary dump but it is clear that the Ravens won that trade as Young was inconsistent during his time with the LA Rams. It did not help that Marcus Peters was very productive with the Baltimore Ravens. Now we get to today where the Rams decided to part ways and trade Kenny Young to the Denver Broncos. Now that we know a little bit about LB Kenny Young let's take a look at both parties' sides of this deal.

Los Angeles Rams Side

Like I said earlier the Rams acquired Kenny Young in an earlier trade involved with Marcus Peters in a salary dump. Overall Young was not terrible during his tenure with the Rams but it was clear he was not going to be a long-term player for the Rams’ talented defense. During his tenure with the Rams, he had 3 sacks and a total of 93 tackles. The most memorable play of Kenny Young with the Rams is his 79-yard interception where he scored a touchdown against the New England Patriots when Cam Newton was the QB.

While statistically, he was doing well it was noticeable that the Rams did not put him on the field a lot. Especially as the Rams wanted to utilize rookie 3rd round pick, Ernest Jones, more at Linebacker. Young is not a strong special teams player so it was clear that the Rams were not going to waste a spot on a player that can't play on special teams. I get why the Rams made the Trade but Young would have been good depth for the Rams Linebacker core and if they suffer injuries Young would be a great plug-in option for the Los Angeles Rams.

Denver Broncos Side

I had the Denver Broncos as sellers in my AFC West Buyers, Avoiders, or Sellers. I had the Broncos buying at offensive line, defensive line, and linebacker. I am right with 2/3 positions so far with the Broncos. They acquired DL depth in the Stephen Weatherly trade with the Vikings and now they got Linebacker depth by acquiring Kenny Young via trade. The Broncos absolutely needed to bring in a linebacker as they are dealing with a ton of injuries at that position. I am going to list the injuries currently at the Linebacker core Baron Browning, Curtis Robinson, Josey Jowell, Alexander Johnson, Micah Kiser, Jonas Griffith, and Aaron Patrick. That is an insane amount of depth that the team has currently injured. The Broncos needed to get a healthy option at linebacker and fast. The trade deadline is almost here and the Broncos offered a trade and the Rams accepted. They did not lose a lot of draft capital as they just downgraded from a 6th rounder to a 7th rounder in the 2024 NFL Draft. I think this is the first trade that has involved a draft choice in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Grades for the Kenny Young Trade

Los Angeles Rams: B-

Denver Broncos: A

I think the Broncos are the clear winner for now of this trade for now as they legit have a big need at linebacker and they needed to get a healthier option at linebacker and they got a promising player that could work out in a new environment. Young was not a good fit on the Rams defense and at least the Rams got some draft capital for a player they were not going to re-sign with the teams.


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