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Trade Grade: LB Melvin Ingram

(Image credit Curt Popejoy/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick

Like I said in my trade grade for CJ Henderson anything can happen in the NFL if it is on the field with an upset or off the field with a transaction made by the team. As the trade deadline is coming closer and closer teams are looking to make moves to improve their team and their salary cap. Some deals make a ton of sense when made but the compensation for trading the talent can sometimes be extremely questionable. It shows in a trade involving LB Melvin Ingram.

The Pittsburgh Steelers trade DE/EDGE Melvin Ingram to the Kansas City Chiefs in exchange for a 2022 6th round draft pick.

Let's do a quick summary of Melvin Ingram. Melvin Ingram was drafted during the 2012 NFL Draft in the 1st round 18th overall by the San Diego Chargers. He was not the best his first three years in the league due to injury and many were calling him a bust pick. But remember patience is a virtue and once Melvin Ingram was healthy he was a strong contributor for this defense finally getting double-digit sacks in 2015. He was given the franchise tag after the 2017 season by the Chargers and then signed a 4-year extension with the team. It was quite a turnaround for Ingram. His 2020 season was his last with the Chargers and he suffered a knee injury and the Chargers decided to not re-sign him once his contract ended. Ingram would then sign a 1 year prove it contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Now we get to today where Ingram has been traded to the Kansas City Cheifs.

Pittsburgh Steelers Side

I am not surprised at all that the Pittsburgh Steelers decided to move on from Melvin Ingram. He vocally voiced his frustration with the team and had requested to be traded. Can you blame him though? Especially as he was one of their most contributing players on defense this season and he was mainly utilized as a rotational player with Alex Highsmith. I will admit Alex Highsmith has promised to be a good player on the Steelers defense. But I feel Melvin is a better option to have a look at his earlier performances against the Buffalo Bills, Las Vegas Raiders, and Cincinnati Bengals. He was a great player providing a ton of pressure to the quarterbacks. On the field, he was a great player but he put the Steelers in a tough spot by requesting to be traded and the Steelers got rid of him, trading him away for a 6th round draft pick. I don't think that is good compensation for him and I am shocked the Steelers did not get a mid-round pick for him but it goes to show how much of a locker room distraction he must have been with his unhappiness.

Kansas City Chiefs Side

The Chiefs have been terrible this season on defense. I watched the entire Giants game last night and the pass rush especially has been an issue. They should have more losses than they do but they got lucky in certain games. The Cheifs needed to buy at the deadline especially on the defensive side of the ball especially if they want to not only make the playoffs but have another deep run. I feel they made that move as they acquired Melvin Ingram from the Steelers for a late 6th round draft pick. Melvin Ingram was a solid contributor for when he was being utilized on the field for the Steelers and he was a rotating player. I can't wait to see how well he plays as a starter on this defense and will be a great partner with Frank Clark providing pressure to offenses. I Feel Ingram would be a great player to put as a Defensive end/ pass rusher. Once Chris Jones is completely healthy (He wasn’t against the Giants as he played hurt) the Chiefs defensive line will be difficult to handle.

Grades for the Melvin Ingram Trade

Pittsbergh Steelers: C

Kansas City Chiefs: A+

No question who wins this trade here as the Chiefs get a player that fits their salary and get an upgrade at pass rusher. The Steelers at least get more salary relief and they add more draft capital for the upcoming draft. Overall great move by Chiefs GM Brett Veach. For Steelers GM Kevin Colbert I wish that they got more value for Melvin Ingram but not a completely horrible move.

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