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Trade Grade: Los Angeles Rams Trade CB Jalen Ramsey to the Miami Dolphins

Image Credit: (Trevor Ruszkowski/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick

Twitter: @NicholasMullick

Another trade that I was a few days late on, but it still was a trade I wanted to take time and discuss. The Trade involves one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL today. His name is Jalen Ramsey and he is being traded from the Los Angeles Rams to the Miami Dolphins. The details of that trade is down below.

Los Angeles Rams Acquire: TE Hunter Long and a 2023 3rd Round Pick (77th Overall)

Miami Dolphins Acquire: CB Jalen Ramsey

Los Angeles Rams Side

I am not surprised one bit that the Rams decided to part ways with CB Jalen Ramsey. We will get to why later the Rams may have traded this. The Rams already got their Lombardi Trophy and now they are in the bill with the lack of draft capital and being in cap hell. Well they help solve it by trading Ramsey and getting further into Cap hell with being on the hook for 19.6 million.

For Hunter Long he pretty much is a scrub tight end, but it is obvious that the Rams see something in him. Maybe a change of scenery in a system where the tight ends are properly utilized. The true value was getting more draft picks.

Miami Dolphins Side

This is the Byron Jones replacement on the defense. Especially with his sudden retirement due to his injuries.

The Dolphins desperately needed to find a replacement for him and Jalen Ramsey’s name kept being mentioned as an option. Acquiring Dolphins easily improves this secondary and an argument can be made that he is an upgrade over a healthy Byron Jones.

There are only two problems that could happen in acquiring Ramsey. First, is with injuries as Ramsey has been dealing with shoulder issues for a good bit of time now. Ramsey apparently played with both shoulders being torn through the entire 2021 season. Which is just concerning and shows how tough Ramsey is.

Second, is the growing locker room/attitude issues. I mean these issues have always followed Ramsey, but apparently they have started to increase in the past few years. In fact I even read a source about a week ago from Charlie Campbell from Walterfootball and he reported that

Charlie Campbell is a pretty good source too and the report above is not a great look. It also does not help that Ramsey wants to get a new contract.

We all know how that fiasco happened in Jacksonville when he did not get the pay upgrade he wanted.

However despite the injury and attitude/locker room concerns, the risk is worth the reward as Ramsay is a Top 5 Cornerback in the NFL today. Plus they did not give up much in a 3rd round pick and a Tight End that they were barely using anyway.

Grades for Jalen Ramsey Trade

Los Angeles Rams B+

Miami Dolphins A-

A win-win deal for both teams, but I am leaning towards giving the higher grade to the Miami Dolphins. With Miami they fill a big need by replacing Byron Jones with Jalen Ramsey and get him for lesser value. The Rams don’t lose either, getting rid of a guy it seemed a lot of people were not a fan of in that organization and grows their draft capital. Overall great move by Miami Dolphins GM Chris Grier and Los Angeles Rams Les Snead. Hopefully the move works out for both parties.


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