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Trade Grade: New England Patriots Trade TE Jonnu Smith to the Atlanta Falcons

Image Credit: (Kirby Lee/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick

Twitter: @NicholasMullick

This deal happened a few days ago, but I wanted to get confirmation on a few things including the specific draft pick they are giving up. But this is a trade that was not surprising to many, but stunning to some people. The trade involves TE Jonnu Smith who was traded to the Atlanta Falcons. The details of that trade are down below.

New England Patriots Acquire: 2023 7th Round Pick (245th Overall) Atlanta Falcons Acquire: TE Jonnu Smith

New England Patriots Side

Not hard to analyze here. When looking at the big picture, Jonnu Smith has to go on that list of one of the worst contracts ever signed in the Billichick era. The Patriots got something for him and even cleared cap space. Getting the 7th round pick is a bonus as they actually get something instead of nothing for Jonnu Smith.

Atlanta Falcons Side

Uhhh Atlanta, you do realize that you have Kyle Pitts at Tight End Right? Oh yeah, Arthur Smith was the Tight End/Offensive Coordinator for the Titans throughout Smiths career with the Titans. So this deal makes a bit more sense as there is a connection between Arthur and Jonnu Smith. Let's be real Smith has not worked out in New England I would have preferred a much cheaper option as Smith was one of the worst contracts on the Patriots. The strange part of the Falcons making this deal is that Smith’s contract is going to really increase in Cap Hit this season

Maybe he will have a career renaissance with the Falcons, but that will depend on if he can stay healthy.

Grades for Jonnu Smith Trade

New England Patriots: A

Atlanta Falcons: C-

No question that the Patriots win this trade. They got something in return for a player that they were going to get rid of anyway. For the Falcons, I understand why they wanted to acquire Smith, but they could have easily waited for the Patriots to part ways with him. They did not have to give up a draft pick to get him. However This is a great move by Patriots GM/Head Coach Bill Belichick and Falcons GM Terry Fontenot. Hopefully the move works out for both teams.


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