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Trade Grade: Washington Commanders trade CB William Jackson to the Pittsburgh Steelers

Image Credit: (Amber Searls/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick Linkedin:

Twitter: @nicholasmullick

Sometimes during the trade deadline trades can shock everyone and then there are some that are unsurprising. If I was to label a trade as unsurprising it would be the William Jackson trade. The Commanders were looking to move Jackson during the trade deadline and luckily for them they got a taker as they struck a deal with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The details of that trade are listed down below.

Trade Details Washington Commanders Acquire: 2025 6th Round Pick Pittsburgh Steelers Acquire: CB William Jackson and a 2025 7th Round Pick

Washington Commanders Side

Not a shocker at all that the Commanders decided to move Jackson as it was clear that the Commanders wanted to move on. Even Head coach Ron Rivera admitted that bringing him in was a big mistake.

Lets be real Jackson has been a goner for the Commanders for many weeks but that performance against the Cowboys sealed his fate. Just looked at this poor coverage on CeeDee Lamb and yeah not good.

The fact that the Commanders even got something for him is an A+ on its own. Especially as there was one point where Jackson was being traded or they would release him. There was no way he was going to be a Commander next week and be lucky that they acquired something.

Pittsburgh Steelers Side

My initial reaction to the Steelers making this deal was saying “Now There is the Steelers we know and love”. However when I thought about it more I realized that the Steelers needed help badly in the secondary. Especially at cornerback as excluding Cameron Sutton their cornerback crew is awful. Now William Jackson was a liability in Washington, but maybe a change of scenery and system could help the Steelers injured defense.

I have two issues with this deal on the Steelers side. First it is clear that the Commanders were likely going to release Jackson if there was no trade happening, so they could have waited to sign him once he became a free agent. There was no way anybody was going to claim Jackson via waivers due to his awful contract. Speaking of that issue number two is with Jackson’s awful contract. He is currently on a 3 year, $40,500,000 where 26 million is guaranteed and that contract ends in 2024. If this does not work, then the Steelers will be stuck with Jackson’s contract for not next year.

Grades for William Jackson Trade

Washington Commanders: A+

Pittsburgh Steelers: D

Oh no question Washington is the clear winner of this trade. They got out of an awful contract, did not have to pay dead cap for his contract, and upgraded a draft pick. Just a complete win for the Commanders no question. I contemplated giving the Steelers a C, but I decided to lower it to a D due to his awful contract and terrible performance this season. They better hope a change of scenery can help out with that. Overall fantastic move by Washington Commanders GM Martin Mayhew and intriguing move by Pittsburgh Steelers GM Omar Khan. Hopefully this can work out for all parties including CB William Jackson.

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