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Week 10: Survivor Picks Recap

(Image credit Sam Navarro/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick


Week 10 of the NFL Season has concluded and there were a few upsets this week that resulted in people being eliminated in survivor. Let's dive into how I did, giving my top 5 options that I gave to pick in Survivor and a trap game to avoid choosing for Week 10 of the NFL season.

Week 10 Top 5 Survivor Options

Week 10 Record (2-3)

Overall Record (37-13)

1. Indianapolis Colts vs Jacksonville Jaguars

That was a close one. Many survivors were nervous that the Colts would blow this game and eliminate them in survivor. Trevor Lawrence I hope will be a good player in this league but he was awful in this game especially as he fumbled the ball twice. Lawrence made some questionable decisions when he was throwing the football. I got to say Josh Allen is the best player on this defense and he has been fantastic since being drafted. The Raiders and Giants are regretting not taking him in the 2019 NFL Draft. The Colts were just the better team in this game on offense, defense, special teams, and coaching. Time is ticking with Urban Meyer as the head coach for the Jaguars and I would be shocked if he was not fired once the season is over.

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Washington Football Team

Wow. This to me was the biggest upset of the week for me. I would have never thought that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would lose to the Washington Football Team as on paper the Buccaneers were a lot better. Tom Brady was very sloppy in this game and made some poor decisions in this game. I got to say the Buccaneers secondary is going to have more problems now that Sherman could be out after getting hurt. The Washington Football Team defense has struggled but did what they needed to in this game to win. Antonio Gibson had a strong performance and had two rushing touchdowns in this game. Taylor Heinicke made some solid throws and kept the mistakes to a minimum. Keep in mind that Ryan Fitzpatrick is coming back from his hip injury and it will be interesting in what they do at the QB position. Great performance by the Washington Football Team.

3. Baltimore Ravens at Miami Dolphins

After this game ended I still have no clue what to truly define the Baltimore Ravens as. I don’t know if I can label them a good team as they have got lucky getting a few wins this season that they should not have. The Ravens were a mess both on offense and on defense in this game. They did a solid job when Jacoby Brissett was at quarterback but once Tua Tagovailoa came in and was at quarterback the Dolphins were a lot better. I am still a Tua supporter and in this game, it looked like he did not have a finger injury at all and made some great throws in this game.

4. Buffalo Bills at New York Jets

Like I said in my New York Jets vs Buffalo Bills Week 10: 5 players who impressed and disappointed article I am not surprised whatsoever that the Bills won this game. What I did not expect is how much they would destroy and dominate the New York Jets. The Bills made the New York Jets look like a CFL, XFL, and AAF team. It was that bad of a game. The Jets were outcoached and underprepared in this game against a Bills team that had to impress after the poor performance they had against the Jaguars. Kudos to Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills for a great performance.

5. Arizona Cardinals vs Carolina Panthers

This game was a surprise but the cardinals were dealing with a ton of injuries including QB Kyler Murray and WR DeAndre Hopkins. I would not worry that much about Arizona this season. All I got today about this game for Carolina is He's Baaaack. Cam Newton is back as a Carolina Panther and for the time he was on the field Cam looked great. He had a passing and rushing touchdown in this game which is a good sign that he is on the right track but PJ Walker mainly played this game and he was alright. He had some solid plays but on other plays he was terrible. I keep saying this as this offense lives and dies through RB Christian McCaffery. He continued to show why he is the best swiss army knife player in the league. He is fantastic in the receiving and running game for this offense. Robby Anderson looked a lot better than he normally would in this game which is a plus. The Panthers defense was excellent and did their job as well. A strong performance was absolutely needed for the Carolina Panthers.

Trap Survivor Pick: Pittsburgh Steelers vs Detroit Lions

Ok, so I am going to approach this game a lot differently than what I normally do. Now I have been very critical of the Pittsburgh Steelers this season for their team continuously played down to massively inferior competition. Which they absolutely did as they tied for the worst team in Football (We Will get to Why in a bit). But not even 24 hours before the game, QB Ben Roethlisberger was placed on the Covid-19 list after self-reporting symptoms of Covid-19. So the Steelers were in a tough spot and had to put in Mason Rudolph who had 1 day to prepare for this week. The game occurred and many blamed Mason Rudolph for the reason why this team tied. All I got to say is that Rudolph was not the main problem in this game as he was alright in this game. He could have been better in some parts of the game but wasn’t awful. He did not perform as badly as Jared Goff did. On a side note, Detroit it is time to start David Blough as Jared Goff has been horrendous since he was traded in the Stafford deal. At least this team got valuable draft picks in order to take on his awful contract. Anyway, Rudolph was alright and it's not his fault that his receivers could not catch in this game. But what we should put the blame on is how bad this defense was. This was supposed to be a great defense, especially against the run right. Well, they showed why they are not as they had D’Andre Swift run all over them. To make it worse Jemarr Jefferson and Godwin Igwebuike scored rushing touchdowns against them. I have no idea who Godwin Igwebuike even was and the last I heard of him was when he was with the New York Jets during the 2019 season and was seen on the Seattle Dragons. To make it worse the Steelers secondary suffered a ton of injuries including to Joe Haden which is a huge one. Speaking of injuries no word yet on TJ Watt Status as he is suffering from both a hip and leg injury. He is the heart and soul of this defense and if his injury is season-ending then the Steelers are in trouble. This game heavily exposed the Steelers defense and it is not going to get better at all for this team. I want to list the opponents the Steelers will face later are the Chargers, Bengals, Ravens twice, Browns, Vikings, Chiefs, and Titans. Normally I would end by asking Why Mike Tomlin is still the head coach for the Steelers but due to the situation that occurred with Big Ben being placed on the Covid list and Rudolph only having 1 day to prepare vs the Lions. I will give him a pass for this game.


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