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Week 11: Survivor Picks Recap

(Image credit Scott Galvin/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick


Week 11 of the NFL Season has concluded and there were a few upsets this week that resulted in people being eliminated in survivor. Let's dive into how I did, giving my top 5 options that I gave to pick in Survivor and a trap game to avoid choosing for Week 11 of the NFL season.

Week 11 Top 5 Survivor Options

Week 11 Record (4-1)

Overall Record (41-14)

1. Cleveland Browns vs Detroit Lions

This game was a lot closer than what it should be but Cleveland came away with the win. I am not shocked that the Detroit Lions lost this game as they don’t have a good QB on their team. Yes they have Jared Goff on the tem but he is garbage when healthy or not. The Lions are seriously cursed as they were coming back but the offense collapsed on the last drive. I got to say I am very concerned with Cleveland in the long term as they almost lost to a Quarterback in Tim Boyle who can’t throw a ball accurately and they need to look impressive and not pull a Mike Tomlin by playing down to competition.

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs New York Giants

Not a surprise that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers dominated in this game. The Buccaneers needed to wake up after losing to the Washington Football Team. This loss was a massive one that lowered the playoff chances for the New York Giants. The Giants were extremely sloppy in this game and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were \ the better team as they had the better offense, defense and coach. Again I don’t know what to think about QB Daniel Jones as he has been up and down this season. This guy has a ton of potential to be something if he is coached right. I won't be shocked if the Giants move on from Daniel Jones as they could have two top 10 1st round picks. I also doubt Dave Gettleman will be the GM for the New York Giants next season. Joe Judge is not a good coach in my opinion but I think the Giants will give him another year to pull through.

3. Tennessee Titans vs Houston Texans

Wow this was a complete upset as the Houston Texans defeated the Tennessee Titans in this game. The Titans were extremely sloppy all game including on offense. Ryan Tannehill was awful in this game as he threw 4 interceptions in this game. AJ Brown got injured and Julio Jones did not play due to an injury. So they had to rely on Nick Westbrook-Irvine as the number one receiver like they did against the Jets Week 4. The Texans offense was solid and while Tyrod Taylor was not the best throwing the football he ran all over the Titans defense. The player of the game was CB/ST Desmond King who made two impressive interceptions in this game. Overall solid performance by the Houston Texans Defense.

4. Los Angeles Chargers vs Pittsburgh Steelers

This game was a lot more competitive than I thought it was going to be. To be honest this is the most impressive I have been with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers did not lose this game due to questionable coaching from Tomlin (Excluding the Non Utilization of the running game in the first half) and the awful offensive performance by Big Ben. The Defense, while wasn’t the best, was not as bad as they were against the Detroit Lions. I think this game tells a bigger story on how overrated the Chargers are. They should perform like a playoff team but I feel something is missing with the Chargers. I don’t think it is an offensive issue but an issue involving the defense. Hopefully they can play more consistent, but overall strong performance by both teams.

5. Baltimore Ravens at Chicago Bears

I got to say I am impressed that Baltimore won this game without QB Lamar Jackson. But man where to begin with the Chicago Bears. QB Justin Fields left the game with a rib injury and I doubt that he plays Thursday against the Detroit Lions. David Montgomery looked hurt when he was playing. I have to ask, has anyone seen RB Khalil Herbert? When looking back I barely saw him play in this game which is ridiculous. This defense has not been the best without Akiem Hicks and Khalil Mack but LB Roquan Smith has been excellent. The Bears secondary is abysmal. I am shocked that Matt Nagy Still has a job as a head coach in the NFL after this game. The Bears are an absolutely poorly coached football team and games like this one are why. I think it is no question that Nagy will be out of a job at the end of the season and who knows what will happen with GM Ryan Pace but I won't be surprised if he is gone as well.

Trap Survivor Pick: San Francisco 49ers at Jacksonville Jaguars

I will admit that I was completely wrong about this game as the San Francisco 49ers completely destroyed the Jacksonville Jaguars in this game. I really thought about the time difference with a west coast team going to the east coast would affect the performance of the 49ers and that the 49ers would be too injured but they proved me wrong. This is another embarrassing performance by the Jacksonville Jaguars. This team got outcoached and outmatched in every way. I like Trevor Lawrence and I think with time he will get better but with the hype that surrounded him he was a big disappointment this season. The Jaguars season is all but done but they need to show some improvement this season.

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