What Does Quandre Diggs Mean for The Seahawks Defense?

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Written by: Peter Vandeventer | @PeteVandeventer

On Monday, the Seahawks added Quandre Diggs to help shore up some prominent defensive issues. In the trade, the Seahawks send a 5th (‘20) and get Diggs as well as a 7th (‘21) from the Lions.

Through week 7, The Seahawks pass defense has been on a rollercoaster. First, they gave up 395 yards to Andy Dalton (!) with a lot of those yards coming on big plays. Then they got lucky and played backup QBs for the Steelers and Saints that for obvious reasons prevented a lot of production. When the Seahawks played the Rams, Goff was able to throw for 395 yards as well but didn't give up many points off of those yards. This last week, Lamar Jackson was able to be respectable as a thrower that made it hard for the Seahawks to decide how to attack him.

What I'm trying to say is the secondary is far from where it should be. Now steps in 5’9” swiss army knife known as Quandre Diggs.

This trade couldn’t come at a better time as both Bradley McDougald (back) and Lano Hill (elbow) are looking on from the sidelines due to injuries. Their injuries left the Seahawks with three active safeties last week and having rookie Marquise Blair step in for his 1st career start.

Alongside Blair, the Seahawks had Tedric Thompson starting. Tedric is synonymous with Seahawks fans, whether it's his missed tackles, poor ability to track the ball in the air, or inability to keep track of receivers around him which inevitably led to him being beat deep often.

The addition of Diggs, who can play SS/FS/Nickel, will give the Seahawks a lot of versatility when McDougald comes back. In the meantime, Diggs will likely slide into the FS position and allow Blair to stick to SS and gain confidence at the position. I can also see the Seahawks using a committee system when Diggs learns the system more where Tedric Thompson plays FS and Diggs can hybrid LB/Nickel so the Seahawks can get out of their base defense which has annoyed ALL seahawks fans that I’ve spoken with.

When McDougald is healthy, the Seahawks will likely play Diggs and McDougald at FS and SS, respectively.

The biggest takeaway from this trade is that it gives the Seahawks versatility. Diggs, a defensive captain in Detroit, will bring a playmaker skillset to Seattle that is needed badly and will elevate the play of both outside corners.

Going into Sunday against the Falcons, the Seahawks need to try and catch Diggs up to speed as quickly as possible. Tedric has been a liability at FS and it looks like Pete has finally moved on from him. When talking about Tedric’s poor coverage on a 50-yard pass on the opening series vs. the Ravens, Pete said it was “Just distasteful. I hate it, that we gave them that. There’s no way that should ever happen.” Since I have a bachelor's degree in Pete lingo, I’ll translate for you... Pete is pissed. He tends to avoid using aggressive verbiage like “hate” or “distasteful” so you can tell that he isn't pleased.

Sunday's game wasn’t the first long play that Tedric gave this year. Against the Bengals, Tedric gave up a long pass to John Ross where he stopped backpedaling and decided to try and jump (which ended up failing). Now we have a roaming FS with experience and the ability to make plays that have been needed since Earl Thomas left during the offseason.

After going through Detroit Lions social media after the Diggs trade, it looks like they had a mini mutiny starting up. And players like Darius Slay sure didn't hold back their feelings about the move. Just like the Jadeveon Clowney trade, this move addresses a clear issue on the roster and brings in Pro Bowl level talent at the cost of a pack of gum and the plane ticket to Seattle. Huge props to John Schneider and his staff for doing their work and being able to negotiate their way to highway robbery, again.

Adding Diggs was huge and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Seahawks make another move before the trade deadline. The Seahawks have a good (not great) roster with a nice amount of draft capital if you incorporate the expected compensatory picks. John and Pete have made it clear that they check in with every team to gauge the market for players and it shows with the latest move and you might see a similar move by October 29th.

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